France: 140 people receive saline solution instead of Pfizer vaccine

140 inhabitants of the town, who were to receive an injection of the Pfizer vaccine, were actually vaccinated with physiological serum on Tuesday, April 20. Fortunately, this injection has no consequences for the health of these patients, since the product injected is a salt water solution, used in various treatments such as cleaning wounds, or as a diluent during injections.

For the moment, no justification has been given to explain this improbable mistake, as the center realized its mistake the next day, Wednesday April 21. The 140 people were immediately contacted and “they had the opportunity to speak with a doctor to answer their questions,” said in a statement the hospital of Reims, manager of the vaccination center. Patients were also able to make a new appointment to be vaccinated, as early as April 23 for some.

An internal investigation was also opened as soon as the facts were discovered by those in charge of the center and “an analysis of the causes which led to this error was carried out”, adds the hospital center. According to information from The Union, this incredible blunder is due to human error. It is a tray containing doses to be injected which had not been finalized and had been sent to the health personnel in charge of vaccination.

Article in french:

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There’s something fishy with this story. They don’t really explain how the mistake could be made. If all Pfizer vaccines come as the 5 doses vials shown everywhere in the media, how is a mistake even possible? But if what Pfizer ships needs to be prepared into a larger packaging before use, how can you be sure what they really inject you with?

In this case, could the person who prepared the tray have replaced the Pfizer doses on purpose?
Or did he mistake the “VIP pack” with the doses for the plebs?


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