France: a choice made clear – Raw Nationalism v Naked Dystopia

by John Ward 

Is this the best that democracy can offer now?

The French Party system is in disarray as voters choose between globalism and nationalism. But the most disturbing aspect of Round One has been the eerie silence surrounding the vaccination and Ukraine controversies. Only brave, bold and ruthless will give Le Pen any chance in Round Two.

I rather suspect that the Round 1 result in the Presidentielle was a classic case of self-denying prophecy: the polls showed Le Pen the “hard Right racist ultra-Nationalist rabble-rouser” to be running neck and neck with that nice Europhile Centrist diplomat and friend of the Citadan bourgeoisie Macron, and this steeled them unto their task of showing there is no place in la Belle France for crude ethnic prejudice. Nope, subtle hate for those who must be emmerded on account of their disgracefully anti-social and unpatriotic refusal to be invaded by toxic bioweapons is the only form of discrimination allowed in what’s left of the Vth Republic.

I use the words ‘what’s left of’ there advisedly, because the triumph of monied support for madness over traditional French socio-political freedom of thought is now horrifically apparent.

The Centre Right and Democratic Left between them persuaded under seven per cent of the electorate to vote for them. Imagine the UK Tory and Labour parties doing that….can you? I can’t. What we’re learning here is just how powerful banking money and dislike of uncontrolled immigration are – and how voters are now slamming what was the liberal-to-Left Establishment.

But two enigmas remain: first, why did none of the candidates raise the issue of viruvax BS? And second – given that over fifty countries around the world (and 52% of French voters) now reject the Zelenskyy narrative and have switched sides to Putin – why did none of them bring up Macron’s gung-ho NATO stance on the Ukraine question? The two biggies of domestic and foreign policy, and not a peep out of the political class. As I wrote before the poll, it was the Issueless Election to join the jobless recovery and the unvaccinating vaccine.

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If you add Zemmour’s appeal for his supporters to get behind Le Pen, that takes her up to about 32 per cent maximum. Macrony is thus going to win the run-off easily, unless two currently “underground” realities are ruthlessly used against the President.

The first is that – through his relationship with Sanofi and others in the Big Pharma arena – it’s becoming clear that Manny obviously knew from Day 1 what the deadly mRNA/Graphene jabs are all about. On his watch, vast stores of Ivermectin disappeared from the French government’s drug storage warehouse.

Second – and related to that domestic context – Macron is now (literally) fighting side by side with the Azov Division in Maruipol in a desperate bid to stop Russian troops from gaining access to the French-run and funded biolab there. France is also implicated as a NATO member – as are Britain and Germany – in the covert collection of Russian DNA data. I understand most of the Mariupol biolab files have now been helicoptered out, but the Russians shot one of them down two days ago.

However, none of that is going to matter a jot if senior politicians and the MSM simply look the other way.

Le Pen and Zemmour need to decide what side they’re on. This election is merely one Front in the war between Globalist depopulators and Nationalist sovereign independence. Anything but a Macron victory would be a disaster for the American hegemonists. It’s going to take a very brave candidate indeed to risk speaking out against a French President heavily implicated in the destruction of Putin’s Ruble variants.

Does Marine Le Pen have the spine to do it? I have my doubts. On verra.



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