France Goes Full Soviet Union: Marine Le Pen Ordered to Undergo Psychiatric Tests Over Haram Tweets

by Chris Black

According to the French newspaper The Local, the leader of the French“Resistance”, which is described by the mainstream media to be a “far right” politician (like anyone to the right of Karl Marx), and yes, we’re talking about Marine Le Pen here, is going to be examined by a psychiatrist, after a court ruled that it must be determined whether the “far-right” politician  “is capable of understanding remarks and answering questions”.

Le Pen received the news with shock and anger, obviously. In case you don’t know who Le Pen is, well, she’s the leader of the anti EU National Front Party, recently re-branded as National Rally (Rassemblement National), and she became notorious world wide after she ran (and epically failed) against Emmanuel Macron in France’s presidential election from last year, if memory serves.


If you’re wondering why Marine Le Pen risks to be dragged kicking and screaming into the lunatic asylum, following the so-called psychiatric evaluation, well, it’s about her posting a series of images on Twitter back in 2015 (she also paid hefty fines over those pics), which depicted ISIS operatives executing kuffar (unbelievers), including an American reporter. Since context is everything, you must understand that Le Pen depicted what ISIS was doing at the time in Syria and Iraq (during Barry’s presidency by the way) on her Twitter account in response to accusations from a leftist French radio host, who compared her party (National Front) to ISIS during a live broadcast.





Obviously, the unhinged left in France started attacking Le Pen for showing disrespect for ISIS’ victims, but they gave the radio-host a break, even if he compared his political opponents to savage terrorists. This is how the left works everywhere in the world. They provoke you, then they burst with fake moral outrage and virtue signaling over made-up stories.

Mental illness is a very serious problem, don’t get me wrong. But politicizing and trivializing it is really bad. However, this is a  tactic used by soviets and communists in general since day one, i.e. using psychology as a weapon against political dissidents. By the way, the left in the US did just the same very recently, with the “25th amendment” extravaganza, as they were trying to create a situation/scenario where President Trump would have been removed from office due to psychological problems/mental incapacity and Pence would have become POTUS. Communists follow the same tactics. And yes, the dimms are communists, plain and simple. Just look at their actions.

However, even in communist France, I find it hard to see how a major political figure like Le Pen could be forced to undergo a psych-evaluation. To give you a little bit of context about “communist France”, there’s an old joke from the Cold War era, which says that France is the only Soviet Republic where communism actually works. They’re that “red” inside, yes indeed. Infiltrated, that is.

The point is, I can’t picture Marine Le Pen getting reeducated “Clockwork Orange” style.

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The globalist left (globalism is internationalist communism re-branded) uses the same play book in Europe that it uses here in the US. It is just that, in Europe, you need to know at least 3 different languages to understand it. They want Le Pen to undergo a psych-evaluation not because she posted photos of the evil acts done by the followers of Islam, but because she opposes the EU’s agenda to make Europe an Islamic caliphate. To the left, people who oppose their agenda are by definition mentally ill.

Exactly the same policy of the Soviet Union and Red China. Those who questioned the authorities were declared mentally ill and sent off for treatment. This is why the communists worked to infiltrate the psychiatric profession in the first part of the 20th century and afterwards. It is a powerful form of defamation and slander, as well as intimidation.

The Soviets used to just kill pretty much any dissenters early on, and then they realized there was less resistance if they just humiliated them, destroyed their reputations by labeling them mentally ill, and locked them up.

FBI investigations in the 1950’s and early to mid 1960’s indicated that one of the primary goals of soviet-aligned fronts in the US was to get control of the psychiatric profession. It’s a cruel form of intimidation, short of murder – people don’t want their family and friends to think they are crazy, so they don’t dissent. The mental health profession is one of the key institutions cultural Marxists infiltrated so that they may decide what constitutes mental illness.

Brilliant strategy, actually.

This is chilling. The left in America adores and aspires to be just like Europe.

Get out and vote like your life depends on it in November, because if they successfully cheat or import enough voters this WILL be the reality in the US also.

Point being, don’t laugh at the French. We’re one Presidential election away from the same fate.


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