France: The Yellow Vests have returned. “You better not push us to the streets”

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The yellow vests have returned and announced it’s time for a revolution.

Italy is blockading the Trieste port.

THEY have divided us.

THEY have oppressed us.

THEY have stolen from us.

THEY have taken OUR natural rights and OUR God-given freedom.

We have the power. Humans own the means of production, aka labor. And always have. The banker’s only own what you are willing to acknowledge they own. Politicians have the power you allow them to have. Public health officials have no power, unless you choose to surrender to them your freedom.

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I think therefore I am. And I am free. I will die to remain free. And I will die for your right to be free.

99% vs 1%. I like the odds.


h/t Settlemente

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