Fraud: Mayor of Minneapolis sent a bill for $530 thousand to host Trump’s upcoming rally. Obama was charged $20 thousand in 2008. It appears the mayor is committing fraud.

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President Trump called Tuesday for Minneapolis voters to “dump” Mayor Jacob Frey – as well as Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. – amid an escalating battle over a rally Trump plans to hold at the city’s Target Center arena this Thursday.

Trump’s campaign has threatened to sue AEG, the company that manages the arena, after Minneapolis city officials charged a stunning $530,000 for rally security, which the Target Center said the campaign must pay if they still want to use the venue.

Trump signaled Tuesday morning he still plans to show up, tweeting:  “Someone please tell the Radical Left Mayor of Minneapolis that he can’t price out Free Speech. Probably illegal! I stand strongly & proudly with the great Police Officers and Law Enforcement of Minneapolis and the Great State of Minnesota! See you Thursday Night!”

He tweeted earlier that the “lightweight mayor is hurting the great police and other wonderful supporters. 72,000 ticket requests already. Dump Frey and Omar! Make America Great Again!”

EXTORTION: Minneapolis Mayor Tries to Shut Down Trump Rally With ‘Outrageous’ Security Fee.

As Iowahawk noted when Berkeley performed its own imitation of the Vercotti brothers from Monty Python against Ben Shapiro:


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