FRAUD ON THE COURT? UCSB hid federal settlement from court in Title IX due process loss, drastically lowering its penalty.

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The University of California-Santa Barbara hid an agreement with federal regulators from a judge considering how to penalize the university for violating a student’s rights, according to his lawyer.

The existence of the September 2018 “resolution agreement” with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights could have led the judge to award “John Doe” hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.

Instead, Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Thomas Anderle issued a mild chastisement to the taxpayer-funded institution for running an “arbitrary and unreasonable” Title IX proceeding.

Lawyer Robert Ottilie had asked for $465,000 in “private attorney general fees” about a month after UCSB signed the agreement with OCR. Instead, he got $5,000 on the basis that his client’s win did not help students at large.

Ottilie told The College Fix in a phone interview that the existence of the agreement shows that UCSB misrepresented the status of the federal investigation to Anderle.



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