Tim Carney On The Unanticipated Consequences Of Social Change:

Stay-at-home parents could keep us safer amid coronavirus outbreak.

The coronavirus is killing people and spreading rapidly. In Seattle, 14 people have died as of Friday morning amid at least 75 confirmed cases. The number of Seattle residents infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 is probably far, far higher because testing is so scarce.

So the area is faced with a lethal and contagious virus for which no treatment is available, and unknown hundreds or maybe thousands of people are infected.

That’s why the county government is telling people to “avoid bringing large groups of people together” and encouraging everyone to work from home as much as possible. If you’re curious, “large groups” are defined as gatherings of more than 10 people.

Yet Seattle Public Schools announced on Thursday that they are keeping schools open. While canceling all school district gatherings, they’re keeping school, childcare, and aftercare open.

Why would you say 12 people can’t get together but say that we should keep open schools, where hundreds of children, teachers, staff, parents all are in close proximity, eating, chewing on pencils, and using the bathroom? Ask the superintendent of schools.

School is basically daycare.

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