Freddie Mac Mortgage Rate Rises To 3.12%, REAL Mortgage Rate At -3.689% (REAL Home Price Growth At 14.12% While REAL Wage Growth At -1.94%)

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by confoundedinterest17

The Freddie Mac 30-year mortgage commitment rate rose to 3.12%. But once we subtract the gut-wrenching inflation rate, the REAL 30-year mortgage rate is -3.689%.

The nominal Freddie Mac 30-year commitment rate rose to 3.12% which is still lower than 3.18% back on April 1, 2021 after surge in rates following Biden’s taking the office of Presidency in January.

Meanwhile, the REAL Case-Shiller National home price index (CS National YoY – CPI YoY) is growing at the fastest rate in history. Great if you already own a home, but lethal if you are renting and want to move to homeownership.

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Meanwhile, REAL wage growth is at -1.94% YoY.

Well, Chairman Powell and The Gang failed to raise the Fed Funds Target Rate yet again, but let us know that they will tighten someday soon. The Fed Funds Futures are signalling a rate hike at the June 2022 meeting and another at the November meeting.

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While The Fed couldn’t care less about the Taylor Rule, it is still interesting to note just how out of touch The Fed FOMC is with reality. The Taylor Rule indicates that their target rate should be 16.94% rather than the current target rate of 0.25%.

Keeping the target rate unchanged in the face of gut-wrenching inflation is a bold strategy, Cotton.

Let’s see if it pays off.




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