Fredo Cuomo’s is having a TDS episode on air!

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The little boy Fredo has been really, really BUTTHURT ever since Ted Cruz tore him a new Asshole by only stating the truth! How would anyone get over something as humiliating as the tongue lashing that Cruz administered this past week? Fredo is never going to be able to recover! Now Fredo’s only choice is to spread more lies to cover for past lies to his viewers who can’t think for themselves.

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Mainstream Media Covering Trump Needs to Swap Diapers for Big Boy Pants. “What’s been going on since Sunday is more pathetic than media malpractice. It’s a gaggle of emotional midgets in the midst of a snot-bubbling, diaper-filling tantrum that is utterly contemptible. I might be just a little sympathetic to it if they hadn’t been doing it for four years already. We’re beyond ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ at this point, we’re in ‘let these miserable little brats cry themselves dry’ territory now.”



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