FREE-FALLING: Biden has lost more approval at start of term than any other president since World War II, poll finds. MSM ignores it. 22 states could see direct tax hikes due to inflation

Biden has lost more approval at start of term than any other president since World War II, poll finds.

Polling shows that President Joe Biden

 has suffered a larger approval rating drop at the start of his term than any president since World War II.

New polling from Gallup shows that Biden’s approval rating dropped from 56% in Q1 to 44.7% in Q3 which represents an 11.3% drop that has not been experienced by any president since World War II.

NBC Nightly News Ignores Terrible CNBC Survey Showing Biden Econ Disapproval at 54%.

CNBC released a damning economic survey showing the majority of Americans disapproving of President Joe Biden’s economic performance, and its sister network chose not to cover it.

CNBC’s All-America Economic Survey of 800 Americans showed that a 52 percent majority disapprove of “Biden’s handling of the presidency.” Behind the ratings collapse for Biden, is a “surge in negative views of his handling of the economy” with a sizable 54 percent disapproval, a seven-point increase from July. Specifically, according to CNBC Oct. 21, “Americans soured on [Biden’s] economic leadership, lost some confidence in his handling of the coronavirus, and grew increasingly concerned about inflation and supply shortages.”

The outlet called Biden’s ratings “deeply underwater.” Forty-six percent of respondents said, “the economy will get worse in the year ahead, the most in the 13-year history of the poll and 79% judge the economy as just fair or poor, the most since 2014.” The devastating survey wasn’t worthy of any coverage over at CNBC’s derelict sister network NBC Nightly News, which ignored the survey results during its Oct. 21 broadcast. [Emphasis added.]

The Biden Admin Said It Left 100 Americans in Afghanistan. They Now Admit It’s Far More. In off-the-record call with congressional staff, Biden admin says nearly 400 still stranded.

“Politifact” Suddenly Makes ‘Okay’ Sign Great Again in Comedy Gold of a Biden ‘Fact Check.’

GOOD NEWS: Biden is finally building a border wall! Bad news: It’s just for the border of his $2 million beach house.

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But why would he want them to?

Flashback: Aren’t California’s High Gas Prices What The Left Have Wanted?

Well, it’s a start, as Steven Chu, former President Obama’s then-incoming energy secretary, told the Wall Street Journal in the fall of 2008: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”




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