Free Speech Continues to Die: Facebook and Instagram are letting users report “misinformation”

by LearningIsListening

I was listening to the radio this morning and WCBS Newsradio announced that “people can report ‘misinformation’ on Facebook (editor’s note: they left out Instagram). It will be reviewed by a third party. If they determine that it is misinformation, your post will not be deleted, but it won’t appear when people search for it.”

Here is a article, as well…

This is not only another way to attack free speech, but it is also meant to divide us. People will report “misinformation” on anyone that disagrees with their political views.

Most importantly, who will actually be reviewing these posts? Just a hunch that whoever the “third party” are, they will have an inherent bias or be paid off to do as they are told.

Instagram and Facebook are now allowing users to report “misinformation” to be reviewed by a third party. If the third party determines that your post contains misinformation, it will not be deleted, but it will be unable to be located in hashtag and other searches.

The end of free speech and our growing division are being expedited at an extraordinary pace. Stay vigilant.


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