Measles genotype B3 is spreading the world, it has now become the predominant genotype. Studies show the MMR vaccine doesn’t have the capacity to effectively neutralize measles B3

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by geneticshill

While we are told that measles is having a resurgence due to vaccine hesitancy, when one looks closer at the data, it shows clearly that it is the vaccine that is not working. The major outbreaks are from one specific genotype, while the other genotypes have been reducing year on year.

The genotype which keeps spreading and taking over is called B3, here’s an image which compares the measles genotypes in Europe in 2010 with the ones circulating in 2018, B3 is shown by the color orange.

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Let’s keep this simple, below are the references, in the first one the WHO say that B3 is the predominant measles virus genotype circulating around the globe. The second study found that the MMR vaccine had difficulty neutralizing the B3 genotype compared to other strains. The third study concludes that B3 is significantly more transmissible, which of course makes sense if the vaccine can’t stop it. The fourth and final study calls for more research to see if B3 can overcome vaccine-induced immunity, as it would explain why B3 is spreading while other genotypes aren’t.

Or if you prefer just use logic, ask yourself why are all the other genotypes dying out, while B3 has been spreading like wildfire. The obvious answer is that B3 can evade the vaccine. If anti-vaxxers were the reason, you would expect all genotypes to be having a resurgence, not just one.

It is likely that TPTB are taking advantage of this situation, by falsely placing the blame on anti-vaxxers to increase vaccine sales and lobby to take away medical freedoms. Whereas if they simply admit that the vaccine doesn’t work against genotype B3, then they have to invest in a new vaccine, so lose money instead of making money.


1 World Health Organization EpiBrief – Measles B3 is predominant genotype

2 Comparison of neutralizing antibody titers against outbreak-associated measles genotypes (D4, H1 and B3) in Iran

Extract “The geometric mean titer (GMT) rates of the sera against D4, H1, B3 and A genotypes were 95.9, 90.5, 32.0 and 76.1, respectively. Low GMTs of antibody against the B3 genotype compared with the other genotypes were indicated. Based on the current study results, the MV antibody titers in the sera of vaccinated cases are sufficient to neutralize all circulating genotypes in Iran; however, neutralizing antibody titers were lower for the B3 genotype than for the H1, D4 and A genotypes. The heterogeneous nature of MV, for instance the nucleotide sequence diversity between different strains, necessitates the evaluation of the protective efficacy of the vaccine against measles B3 genotype in countries where this virus has been the most commonly identified circulating genotype.”

3 (2017) Genotype-Specific Measles Transmissibility: A Branching Process Analysis

Extract “Genotype B3 is found to be significantly more transmissible than other genotypes (P = .01) with an R of 0.64 (95% confidence interval [CI], .48–.71), while the R for all other genotypes combined is 0.43 (95% CI, .28–.54).”

4 Measles Outbreak Among Previously Immunized Healthcare Workers, the Netherlands, 2014

Extract “Also, it may be that differences in the capacity to neutralize different genotypes only become apparent at relatively low levels of vaccine-induced IgG, particularly when there is intense exposure, such as reported here for the measles virus B3 strain. It is striking that, during the large outbreak of infection due to measles virus strain D8 in the Netherlands during 2013–2014, 181 patients with measles were admitted to the hospital, and only 2 cases of measles in vaccinated hospital HCWs were reported (T. Woudenberg, per- sonal communication). This may indicate differences between the D8 and B3 strains in terms of pathogenicity or capacity to overcome vaccine-induced immunity. B3 strains are now globally the most common genotype found [5]. Further research into the correlates of serological protection against distinct wild-type strains is required, especially in the context of low levels of vaccine-acquired antibodies.”



The mainstream media has been attacking anti-vaxxers on a weekly basis, the blame is being placed on their shoulders for the resurgence of measles. In reality, the data shows that the measles resurgence is only for one genotype, a genotype which studies show cannot effectively be neutralized by the vaccine. So hence it is vaccine failure that is behind the resurgence.


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