French citizens’ legendary right to protest has just been screwed over. New “anti-breakers law” forbidding anyone to protest with any kind of face/breathing protection. If you do, you’re jailed. Few cities have been forbidden to protest at all.

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by FeltMtn

So basically the French government created this new sudden law that is going to spice things up a bit. So, we ALL know there is only a tiny portion of these protestors breaking public material and deputies decided to focus on that for the new law. “Because of these people”, the police has been using teargas to get to them and put them under arrest (it’s been leaked that the police has been asked to keep people for 24h to make sure they wouldn’t get back in the streets right after, even if they caught calm, innocent people (see this link : It’s just not realistic to attend these protests without any kind of face/breathing protection and they obviously know that. Anyone wearing something on their face will HAVE to justify themselves or they’re going to jail, and not for 24 hours only. Plus, you get to be registered in the police files.

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As usual, I’m finding French articles but if English-speakers find some, please share here

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Also, they are using the same trick (“anti-breakers law”) to completely forbid a few cities from protesting. Which is crazy since protesting is part of our fundamental rights and they’re just…taking it back.

En marche vers la dictature !

Edit : this very useful Twitter account posts videos and pictures showing how authorities behave when they’re doing their job. I highly recommend you to take a look at it if you want to know what’s happening in here with the police :



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