UK: Fresh meat, dog food and savoury snacks costs SOAR -with food for an average family fry up now costing £6.83; Fuel cost hits record 170.4p while price of Diesel also reached new high of 181.4p

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by Boo_Randy

When will the sheeple of the UK crack the code on their votes for the oligarchy’s hand-picked stooges who give the BoE free rein to print with wild abandon, and the soaring cost of living?

The price of groceries is rising at its fastest rate for 13 years, with prices for dog food, savoury snacks and fresh meat seeing particularly steep hikes, according to new figures.

Researchers at Kantar revealed that grocery price inflation reached seven per cent over the past four weeks to mark the highest level since May 2009.



Average price of litre of petrol climbs above £1.70 for the first time ever: Fuel cost hits record 170.4p while price of Diesel also reached new high of 181.4p

Central bankers can’t print petrol (gas) or diesel. More sheeple are going to get red-pilled when they have to choose between refueling their vehicles or covering their rent or mortgages.

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The average price for a litre of petrol has exceeded £1.70 per litre for the first time ever, new figures show – and has increased by 41p in the last 12 months.

The average price of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts on Tuesday was 170.4p, according to data firm Experian Catalist.

Diesel also reached a record high of 181.4p per litre.



Energy bills are set to soar ANOTHER £800 in October: More misery for struggling families as Ofgem warns cap could spike by nearly 50 PER CENT – with 10m households facing a battle to keep the heating on

More sheeple might start getting red-pilled when they have to choose between heating their home or paying the mortgage. Central bankers can’t print energy.

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