Friends, 33,000 Military Personnel Are Deploying Into The Pacific To Train For War, Global Economic Collapse Is On The Horizon Yet Nothing From The State Controlled Media?
Here’s another story conveniently omitted from your evening news, it’s called operation Talisman Sabre and it’s coming soon.
Scheduled at just the right time as the global economy trembles because nations of the world are defaulting on debts from the international banking cabal… The militaries of the world prepare for the inevitable call to war.
As Randolph Bourne said “War is the Health of the State” and the only way out of the impending global economic collapse is to feed the war machine fresh bullets and fresh bodies.
Friends, Jade Helm 15 officially goes live in a few weeks. It will span 10 US states… And nearly simultaneously, from July 4th through the 19th, several thousand miles away more than 33,000 United States and Australian military personnel will be engaged in Operation Talisman Sabre.
This show of military power comes at a time when tensions with China over their man-made naval stations in the South China Sea are reaching a steady boil.
Early last month China concluded “Crossing 2015, a full scale live fire military exercise deep in the Mongolian desert.
And wouldn’t you know… At the exact same time Talisman Sabre 2015 goes live with Jade Helm 15 – China has issued a warning – complete with naval coordinates – for all navies to steer clear of their latest live fire exercises in the south China Sea.
China is more than ready – and making sure the world knows.
Talisman Sabre will deploy 21 ships, including the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS George Washington, more than 200 aircraft, and three submarines.
But it isn’t limited to just the Pacific region multiple locations WITHIN the U.S will host maneuvers, Pearl Harbor, San Diego, Virginia and Guam; and multiple locations WITHIN Australia near Shoalwater Bay.
That’s not all… they’re calling this a “whole-of-government effort” as it includes participation from international organizations like the World Food Programme and the United Nations.
As if that’s not enough US Federal law enforcement is getting in on the action as the FBI joins the U.S. Departments of State (DoS), Justice (DoJ) and Agriculture (USDA), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the American Red Cross.
In 2011 Talisman Saber included Amphibious assault landings, Tank warfare training, and urban combat scenarios, paratrooper drops and more
The military says “Talisman Sabre is a realistic and challenging exercise that brings service members closer and improves both nations’ ability to work bilaterally, and prepares them to be poised to provide security regionally and globally.”
Friends, 33,000 military personnel are deploying into the Pacific to train for war, global economic collapse is on the horizon yet nothing from the state controlled media?

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15 thoughts on “Friends, 33,000 Military Personnel Are Deploying Into The Pacific To Train For War, Global Economic Collapse Is On The Horizon Yet Nothing From The State Controlled Media?”

  1. ummm.. the 7th fleet is always forward deployed… this is the last deployment for the CVN George Washington and is scheduled to be nuclear refurbished in drydock for a few years and will be replaced after this op.

    • China might think its ready, but I am rock solid certain that the US Navy is ready. The Chinese have some good equipment, but they have zero chance of defeating the US Navy. Their strength is in infantry and 200,000,000 foot soldiers crossing the Euphrates river from the east, as the Holy Bible plainly states.

      • Yes, and the almighty United Snakes and the gang from Nato have done such a great job in the Middle East haven’t they? And then there’s their failed mission now in Ukraine! Just as their global control of banking is coming apart, they will turn the world into a mess to cover up their evil atrocities. And the American public will keep sucking it up. Truly amazing to watch outside the box.

        • The USA as we know it is history. However, the antichrist needs the technology and
          The beast system of surveillAnce that the dark forces of the cia and nsa have.
          The system is,about ready to be deployed at jade helm- think Skynet.artificial intelligence,
          The image of the beast can speak.
          Who is like the beast and who can make war against him?

      • Once the Chinese sink the Pacific fleet with their supersonic Yakhont and Sunburn anti-ship missiles, the US Navy will be out of the picture.

        • Well, think about that for a minute. Suppose that their ballistic anti-ship missiles kill our carriers. How does the US military typically respond to a major defeat? Obama would probably dance with glee to see that happen, as its his job to do as much damage as he can while in office. But there are a few Admirals who would act decisively against China’s mainland with weapons systems that make Hiroshima technology seem like a bucket of rusty nails. If China wants to lose big, let them attack the Pacific fleet. China will attack the middle-east using conventional ground forces when the USA is overwhelmed by something else, possibly a disaster on the West coast. I can see China launching a submarine-based EMP weapon over the west coast to shut it down. That might force our fleet closer to home, but China has the most to gain by rolling west with occupying forces.

          • And China won’t And Russia won’t? And India won’t? And North Korea won’t? If the idiot in chief goes nuclear on the Chinese for sinking the Pacific Fleet, I expect them and their allies to turn North America into an uninhabitable wasteland. In that scenario, everybody without a golden ticket to an underground bunker is a loser.
            I do agree that China has the most to gain rolling west with their huge army, but I do not for a minute think the US, or anybody else, can win a nuclear war

  2. “As Randolph Bourne said “War is the Health
    of the State” and the only way out of the impending global economic
    collapse is to feed the war machine fresh bullets and fresh bodies”
    The war mongering Zionists & the rest of the Secret Societies(SkulNBones, Freemasons, Jesuits, Etc, Etc,) aligned with them, will drag us all to Armageddon.

  3. THE SADEST THING ABOUT THIS WHOLE MESS,is americans are more then GLAD to feed the war machine with their young boys and girls,and soon the chinese will be in the streets of america,along with ALL their friends,and where will americas troops be….NOT IN AMERICA and thats for sure,KISS your ass good by america,you’ll lose this war….all you are to FAT and YELLOW to win against the chinese and russians,BETTER CALL ON THE LORD,hes your only hope now……

    • you speak for the entire 320 million population now?
      You’ve talked with so many people that your statement constitutes a reasonable and fair sampling of what “America” thinks?
      Yikes, sounds like a whole lot of typical CNN style polling.

    The Chinese elite is a merger between the Communist leadership, Hong
    Kong tycoons, and the criminal Triads. All three factions derive derive
    their power from Illuminati collaboration.
    China has appeared autonomous because the Illuminati
    developed the country internally, funding ‘revolutionary’ political
    parties spouting nationalist slogans. The reasoning was that the Chinese
    people would revolt against overt foreign domination, but embrace their
    place in the NWO if they believed they were in control.
    Lord Bertrand Russell revealed this plan in a report on China published in 1920:
    ‘Out of the renaissance spirit now existing in China, it is
    possible, if foreign nations can be prevented from wreaking havoc, to
    develop a new civilization better than any that the world has yet
    The fascist superpower we know today was created in the second
    half of the 20th century by the bogus Cold War dialectic of communism
    vs. capitalism.
    The stage was set in 1898 when Britain and China signed a
    contract stipulating that Hong Kong would be handed back to the Chinese
    in 1997. This meant that the fierce Communism of the mainland and
    laissez faire capitalism of Hong Kong were always destined to merge.
    The process of unification gave rise to the current China power elite.
    Because Communism is an Illuminati creation, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are by definition, Illuminati agents.
    Mao was a Soviet agent.
    He was a product of the Yale in China “Missionary” i.e. OSS, Skull & Bones program.
    The CCP implemented policies that set the foundations for an Illuminati super state.
    Wang Hao, a historian at the China Institute of International
    Studies, has recorded that Mao’s deputy Zhou Enlai met David Rockefeller
    in June 1973:
    ‘When meeting David Rockefeller, Zhou said to him that it was
    necessary to find appropriate methods conducive to the development of
    the trade between two sides under different political systems.’
    The corporate-communist merger began when Deng Xiaoping came to
    power in the late 1970s and introduced his market reforms with the
    slogan “to get rich is glorious.”
    The most powerful HK tycoon is Li Ka-Shing, the richest Asian in the world and an Illuminati insider.
    Other prominent tycoons are ‘HK’s godfather of real estate’ Henry
    Fok, ‘The king of gambling’ Stanley Ho and the man who would be chosen
    by Beijing to head Hong Kong after the departure of the British, Tung
    It is important to realize that these men rose to power and
    prestige in a British colony, i.e. they were vetted by the City of
    London to be colonial leaders. This is illustrated by the rise of Li Ka
    The Triads is a collective term for the secret societies and
    criminal groups that originated in 18th century China with the aim to
    bring down the Qing dynasty.
    For over a century the Illuminati waged war against the Qing
    dynasty. The Triads were their vehicle for subversion and revolution, in
    a similar fashion to Freemasonry in Western revolutions.
    Today the Triads are best known as the world’s largest criminal
    entity, involved in drug trafficking, prostitution, money laundering
    etc. They exist in any country with a large Chinese population, notably
    in Canada, Britain, USA and Australia.
    Of the Triads enormous global reach Fritz Springmeier has written:
    ‘The Triads are the most powerful criminal fraternal group in the
    world, except for the Illuminati and the families that make up the
    Illuminati’s Committee of 300. The Mafia Is small peanuts compared to
    the Triads.
    A key source of this power is that they partner the Far East
    Lodges of Freemasonry in running the Asian drugs trade, notably the
    production of heroin in the ‘golden triangle’ in South East Asia, second
    only to Afghanistan.
    n the early 80s, the Chinese government convened a secret meeting
    between the ‘Dragon Heads’ of the major Triad groups operational in
    Hong Kong. The communists informed the dragons that if they agreed not
    to interfere with the takeover transition, they would be allowed to
    continue their criminal activities without interference.
    The mainstream media portrays China as hostile to Western power.
    However, by studying the triumvirate Chinese elite and their intimate
    ties to the Illuminati, it is clear that modern China is an Illuminati
    The Chinese elite must never stray from the NWO agenda, for it
    follows that if the Illuminati made them, they can break them too.


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