Frogs disappearing Because of Global Warming? Oops, Maybe Not

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Here I must add this popularization of the issue coming from the animal popularizers at National Geographic:
“Global warming may cause widespread amphibian extinctions by triggering lethal epidemics, a new study reports.”
THEN-It turns out a fungus that the researchers unintentionally released is causing the frog populations to decline:
In 1993, people discovered an odd fungus [Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis] infecting frogs in Queensland. Since then it has been linked to many dramatic population declines in “western North America, Central America, South America, eastern Australia, East Africa (Tanzania) and Dominica and Montserrat.” Some species it bops, others it exterminates. Frog species with few offspring and high parental investment, such as mouth-breeding frogs, seem particularly vulnerable. It works like an STD, which can propagate when population density is low. Frogs congregate in ponds to mate, which allows transmission, as long as the frogs mate at all.
It took some time for herpetologists to admit that this chytrid fungus is the main culprit – some are still resisting. First, it was a lot like how doctors resisted Semmelweiss’ discoveries about the cause of puerperal fever – since doctors were the main method of transmission. How did this fungus get to the cloud forests of Costa Rica? On the boots of herpetologists, of course. [Emphasis added.]…ssing.html
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