Reasons why nobody questions the Zionist state of Israel.

  1. Operation Talpiot
  2. Sampson option
  3. Mossad pedo blackmail rings
  4. AIPAC
  5. Elite Jewish bankers
  6. Synagogue of Satan(The Zionist state of Israel is the earthly capital of hell on earth. Authentic Jews are aware of this and protest the Jewish nation. Zionists are literally Satanists. The “Star of David” is a ancient symbol of the planet Saturn. Saturn worship is present in all 3 Abrahamic religions and in many pagan systems as well. Saturn worship is the cornerstone of all western institutions. It is everywhere you look my friends!! Satan is the prince of this world and we are all worshiping, or giving our time, energy and money to this evil force. The unholy trinity consists of Isis, Ra, and El.
  7. Nobody can make it in politics if they oppose Israel (Obama tried his best but ended up bending the knee)
  8. The Trump administration is openly colluding with Israel, and has committed treason. Jared Kushner, among others, should get the rope. Look into Genie Energy and his real estate ties in occupied territory. This man has no business trying to negotiate peace between Israel and Palestine. The Jerusalem deal says enough about the current administrations servitude to the Satanic state of Israel.

Israel has us by the balls. Israel, along with the help of US neocons, are responsible for 911 and anybody in the IC that is worth their salt is aware of this. Israel steals our intelligence, technology and nuclear secrets. They use our army for their illegal wars. They control congress via lobbies like AIPAC and fund their Satanic nation with our tax dollars. They openly attacked the USS Liberty to hide evidence or war crimes. They are not our “greatest ally”. They our our greatest enemy and threat to US security and sovereignty. They are trying to pull us into another world war and as you can probably tell I am sick of their bullshit!
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2 thoughts on “Reasons why nobody questions the Zionist state of Israel.

  1. All the hoopla going on about “Russian Spies” right now. “Jared and Nikki sittin’ in a tree,…They don’t work for You and Me…” I feel that if Trump does win a second term, that’s when our guns are gone because that’s what Israel wants. And if he shows up to “His” dictator-like Military parade dressed up like Gaddafi in Officer uniform covered in medals, I would not be surprised.

  2. Hosea 11:12
    Ephraim has surrounded me with lies, and the house of Israel with
    deceit, but Judah still walks with God and is faithful to the Holy One.

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