Trump Will Build "Dual" US Mexico Border Wall With Patrol Road In-Between

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Trump wants dual US Mexico border wall with security patrols in-between the to two barriers allowing agents to apprehend immigrants in an enforcement zone.

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8 thoughts on “Trump Will Build "Dual" US Mexico Border Wall With Patrol Road In-Between

  1. If I was going to build this wall, I would make it 50 feet tall with a service road on top. All it takes to get across this one is a grappling hook and some wire cutters.

    • I would turn the Southern border into a live fire range for military, the Sheriff, and the people, get everybody involved, a $1,000.00 bounty for every illegal immigrant caught trying to cross the border illegally, save a lot of money in the long-run.

  2. There can be no meaningful immigration reform without the prosecution of government aiding and abetting illegal aliens, which means; Trump’s just blowin’ more bubbles from the swamp, again!

  3. I still think double rows of barbed wire with machine gun towers every 100 yards or so would be cheaper and more effective. A few dead bodies along the fence would be a major deterrent.(sarcasm)

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