From 2015 Bernie Sander interview…..Open boarder is a Right Wing thing

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and now he is told to stand with that young lady socialist fully behind open boarders.

really hard to keep up with what they stand for…………


does the Democratic Part ever sit down and figure out what they as leader of this country they are collectively going to do to better the people they represent?

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one would think after getting their butts kick they might need to come up with a collective plan to run this coming election on….

beside…Trump sucks…..Trump and Russians…….Trump and Illegals……

Stop Trump……or just plan old childish…RESIST.

seems every one of these silly leaders have their own ideas who to move forward…….

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and they will not share this with each other….leaving it up to their ever shrinking voter base to understand what they will be voting for…

I know they will vote anything opposite from Trump.

h/t psyoptics


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