From October 1, German streets will be patrolled by the military to prevent riots

The German army will start patrolling the streets as of October 1, 2022. Officially, this is not to enforce the new covid measures of Health Minister Karl Lautenbach, but it is of course convenient and it is also quite handy for when things get a bit cold and the Germans revolt.

Germany’s Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht and the Inspector General of the German Army (Bundeswehr), Eberhard Zorn announced a new army unit called “Bundeswehr Territorial Commando (TerrFüKdoBw)”

“With the establishment of TerrFüKdoBw, we are establishing a national territorial leadership capacity across the ‘peace-crisis-war’ spectrum,” the announcement read. “In this way, we are creating the necessary framework conditions to better fulfill our various tasks and continue to make our contribution to the security of our country and the fulfillment of our alliance obligations”

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