Fukushima melt down, and the silence of the world

by Reignoffire9

If you google, it looks like the nuclear reactors are still melting down or still producing radioactive material, because Japan is still cooling it with water, and they can’t even send robots down there to see what’s happening. (Robots break from overwhelming radiation, not to mention humans)

This is NOW, not 8 years ago. This is still happening. But Abe(Japanese prime minister) announced Fukushima is safe now and they’re gonna let the world know how safe the place is, especially through Tokyo Olympic.

Baseball stadium is only 67km away from the accident site(seemingly still melting). Here is the official info from Olympic webpage: Fukushima City will host 6 softball games (July 22-23) and 1 baseball game (July 29) at Azuma Baseball Stadium during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. J-Village in Naraha, Fukushima will be the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay (March 26~).


Why aren’t they using other stadium? And they’re gonna feed the participants with Fukushima foods. I’m not kidding.


No one would eat anything from around Chernobyl. Rarely anyone would wanna visit Chernobyl even after so many years. But now Abe thinks Fukushima is safe?

When Chernobyl happened, it was Japan who reacted like world would end. And now, they will make Olympic participants eat Fukushima foods, pass Fukushima with the torch, and keep saying Fukushima is safe, while the reactor might be still melting right now.

And most importantly, world is so quiet. Obama was quiet when it happened, world was quiet during 8 years, now rarely anyone except some concerned people talk about this at all. World is so quiet. Of course, Japan is one of core part of global economy, the fall of Japan will impact the world big time.

So we all have to just shut up and let our athletes eat Fukushima food.

Oh, and they’re gonna dump the radioactive water to the sea, which was used to cool the site.


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