Full Blown Surveillance? New Smart Cameras Installed in California to “Prevent” Crime

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via MSM:

RIVERBANK (CBS13) — A Ceres-based company that made its name providing security for Super Bowls is now tapping into the domestic market.

IntelliSite makes cameras that go above and beyond just capturing video footage. The cameras were installed Monday on Squire Way near the Crossroads shopping center in Riverbank. In just two hours, the city and police had real-time images of what was taking place in that area.

Riverbank has 0.74 sworn deputies for every 1,000 residents, Police Chief Erin Kiely says the cameras will help them do more with less.

IntelliSite CEO and founder Mario Campos said the cameras can track a specific vehicle as it goes through town even after a bank robbery.

“We have video analytics for crime prevention so again we’re looking for suspicious objects being left behind, we’re looking for people gathering somewhere maybe even a fight going on,” Campos said.

The Remote Surveillance Units (RSU) use video analytics to identify more than 300,000 patterns of human behavior.

“We write the rule to look for a car parking, a person walking out of that vehicle, and dropping a piece of garbage,”

Campos said.

The cameras were already being used in Stockton and captured thieves at a local sub station. Within minutes, police were alerted and arrived with K-9s to make arrests. Campos said the cameras with a flashing blue light often deter and prevent crimes.

“We’re here to make a difference were here to prevent crime,” Campos said.



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