Fun Fact: Nancy Pelosi has a $196 million net worth on a $193,000 senator's salary.

Title: Minority Leader of House of Representatives
Salary: $193,400
So how rich is Nancy Pelosi? According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the San Francisco democrat is the ninth wealthiest member of Congress and has a colossal net worth of $196,299,990.
To quote Pelosi during a recent speech about economic inequality: “Something is wrong with this picture.”

In fact, while millions of Americans lost their jobs and their homes (all of whom belong to the 99 percent Nancy Pelosi purportedly strives for) the men and women they elected to represent them in the United States Congress actually prospered, and not by just a little bit.

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How long has Nancy Pelosi been in office?
For 28 years, Leader Pelosi has represented San Francisco, California’s 12th District, in Congress. She has led House Democrats for more than 12 years and previously served as House Democratic Whip.


41 thoughts on “Fun Fact: Nancy Pelosi has a $196 million net worth on a $193,000 senator's salary.”

  1. Who wrote this? Seriously among the worst pieces I’ve read ever – not researched, fact checked, or thoughtful in any way. First, Nancy Pelosi is not a Senator, she’s a Congresswoman. Second, she didn’t earn her millions from her congressional salary, it’s mostly her husband’s money as an investment banker. Third, the policies that Nancy Pelosi supports include taxing the wealthy to provide more services to lower income people. Please put a little more thought into what you post – this was pretty terrible.

    • Your reply is quire valid. However, NP is still a mega corrupt traitor. Among other things she advocates passing bills into laws before reading them.

      • If you’re referring to the quote where she said we have to pass healthcare to know what’s in it, that was taken completely out of context. If you actually watch her full remarks, she was addressing the fact that the radical right was making up stories about death panels and the rest and the fact that it was impairing people’s ability to discern what was actually in the bill. So what she was trying to say was that Congress needed to pass the bill so that the American people could actually see what was in it away from the fog and din of political pundits who were making things up. Her full remarks – not those that were truncated – are here:

        • It is still a crazy nonsensical statement. Regardless, The Affordable Care Act is a mega screw job that was written by the insurance companies that resulted in outrageous rate increases and millions of people losing their insurance. Also it’s been recently revealed that Obama & Co illegally raided Fannie May and Freddie Mac to pay for it. Regardless of ObamaCare I’ll tell you an easy way to prove NP and the rest of the Congress and Trump and the Supreme Court are all traitors. none of them ever point out that our own government was the perpetrator of 911 or that the Federal Reserve central banking system is the biggest scam in the history of humanity or many other important facts like that over the past 20 years TEN TRILLION dollars has disappeared from the Department of Defense (which was likely stolen) or that since 1973 almost half of all wildlife on Earth has disappeared and continues to along with bees and all other insects. Go ahead and continue defending the filthy traitor to America and humanity, NP.

        • Wrong! She said it because she knew that if the contents of that bill were known , no one would pass it.
          Also, typical of these career politicians to not read these bills. They get their staff to read them. They are too busy fundraising for their next election.

          • Eric, no matter what facts you present, the kkk loving Trump supporters will try to twist it into something evil, that’s what they do. That’s another reason that Limbaugh and Hannity have made millions by catering BS to these idiots, they believe all the lies. And here they sit now with Trump, that promised them so much and hasn’t done a damn thing except to enrich himself at other’s expense.

        • Thats called damage control. And stop and think about what she said. “its a bill about diet”. The federal government now wants a say in your diet…for a start. Soon it will be how much tv you watch, then what you watch.Do people make bad choices? Yes. Is that any business of the governments? HELL NO !The founders are spinning in their graves.

    • Yes, she cares about ‘low income’ people except with her excessive accumulation of wealth. She is ugly, obnoxious, anti-gun, pro turd world immigration. She is a criminal and anti American. If she were beaten and set on fire while still alive, that would be too good of a fate for her.

    • Eric, you have no real facts just your biased opinion. Assuming that by default all “investment bankers” make hundreds of millions is ludicrous. In fact, it’s in the hundreds of thousands at the most, Going into 2013, starting salaries for
      investment banking positions with a bachelors degree (assistant or junior analyst position) should range from $100,000 to $150,000 after bonus. Most of the major banks in NYC are offering a starting salary of around $75,000 plus a $15,000 to $20,000 signing bonus.
      The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Nancy Pelosi’s father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. was a constant companion of notorious mobster Benjamin Magliano and other underworld figures during his political years in Baltimore, MD.
      Please save us the rhetoric, it’s a legitimate question to ask how anyone in Congress becomes a millionaire on their salaries. Suggesting that it is not a legitimate question how she amassed a fortune(200 million) on her salary and her husbands meager salary makes you a fool. Look at Waters, same thing. Otherwise you can PROVE that 200 million came from her husbands trading. Funny how most wall street investment bankers probably don’t have a million to their names let alone own an estate with a vineyard, sink 10 million into the UFL, etc. Naivete at it’s best.

    • Pretty…Pretty …Pretty Pathetic, your response to this post. 1st, the post never said she was a Senator, Secondly , the post referred to her over all wealth, thirdly, She has led House Democrats for more than 12 years and previously served as House Democratic Whip and voted against the tax reduction bill and against the immigration bill, Please put a little more thought in to your posts. This was more accurate.

  2. The Trump tribe has already outperformed this in the first 100 days of the reign of the Orange ape. Finally Trump can claim he is a billionaire.

  3. You, too, could have such a net worth. Here’s the trick. At the end of each day, take all the loose change out of your pocket or purse, and drop it into this:–Stock-Vector-money.jpg
    Oh, yeah, I forgot. In order to accomplish what Nancy Pelosi has accomplished, you ALSO have to take all the loose change out of all the pockets or purses of all your constituents at the end of each day.

  4. nanny Pelosi is so rich because she manages to get GOV CONTRACTS for her hubby so he can get RICH on our dime. Don’t let the “liberal” creeps LIE to you about it (like they LIE about everything).
    BTW, feinstein does the SAME THING. Plus, harry reid is busy STEALING land so he can make money from the Chinese.

  5. Weapons sales and full support for Israel. It’s how the entire Israeli owned wh*rehouse called congress has “earned” money. When you look at congress, all you see are pathetic sellout criminal dogs who sit and bark on command as told by Netanyahu or any jew criminal who has enough money.


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