Further Catalyst for China’s Invasion of Taiwan – China gives up ambitious $20 BILLION semiconductor investment project

China wants to seize the country of Taiwan for several reasons, including control of the first island Chain for force projection into the Pacific Ocean, and the Chinese realize that about 70% of the world’s semiconductors transit through Taiwan.

China has constantly tried to advance their own semiconductors over the years to rival Taiwan’s but has yet again failed in that regard. This further pushes China towards their attempt to invade Taiwan again.

China gives up ambitious $20 billion semiconductor investment project

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A US$20 billion semiconductor manufacturing project backed by the Chinese government has gone belly-up, as its key operator Wuhan Hongxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (HSMC) announced its decision to dismiss all employees on Friday (Feb. 26).

Employees at the company, which was once touted as part of Beijing’s plan to become a self-sufficient chipmaker, were “asked to resign” by Monday via a WeChat message, according to Chinese media reports. The company made clear that it had “no plan to resume production,” which has been halted since late 2019 due to failure to attract more investors.

Some reports suggested that as many as 240 people would lose their jobs at the semiconductor plant. Employees were quoted as saying that HSMC had not offered an explanation for its closure or any compensation.





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