Further Investigation Into The Las Vegas Massacre – Too Many Roadblocks – What Are They Hiding?

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by Ruby Henley
There are so many issues to examine in the Las Vegas massacre, one is not able to do this quickly.  Thus, I am doing a series of reports, and clearly I will not allow trolls to stop me.  I will again give legitimate news sources, but I am surprised to see that one source, which I planned to use has abruptly deleted their story.  However, thanks to some users on 4 chan, it was archived!
What I am reporting will be listed as “conspiracy” as that is the mode The Powers That Be are using to suppress legitimate questions on the Las Vegas massacre.  Yet, there are more witnesses coming forward daily to tell their stories of what happened on that horrific night of terror.
I do believe that there was more than one shooter, as there are too many witnesses supporting that theory.  Further there are many videos appearing daily which support that theory, and frankly I have not seen one debunked.  How can you debunk an eyewitness video made by someone in the midst of that attack?  It is plainly an act of terror those victims experienced on October 1, 2017 up and down the Vegas Strip.
The brave men and women of the Las Vegas Police Department and the First Responders were also terrorized by the shooters.  All one has to do is listen to the real-time audio recording made during their chaotic experience.  Apparently some are questioning the validity of that piece of evidence.

A YouTube channel I trust and respect has put out a video which is explains the censorship of the material in the Las Vegas massacre.  
SILENCED – YouTube Strikes AGAIN As Sin City Cries For An Exorcism by Victurus Libertas VL  
Published on Oct 10, 2017
Libertas VL is now listing many of his works at www.bitchute.com.
An article which has gone largely unreported I would like to discuss was actually deleted from the original website.  However, it has been archived.  The original article was reported here:  www.kitv.com/.  However, the archived piece is at web.archive.org/web/20171003084931/http://www.kitv.com/story/36505487/hawaii-native-parked-shooters-car
The topic is concerning a young valet, who worked at the Mandalay Hotel, who greeted Stephen Paddock the day he registered into the Hotel.  This is the story:
Hawaii native parked shooter’s car Posted: Oct 03, 2017 12:04 AM EDT Updated: Oct 03, 2017 12:04 AM EDT By Moanike’ala Nabarro  QUOTE:
A Kamehameha graduate working as a valet at the Mandalay Bay Resort said he parked the shooter’s car on Saturday. The gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, checked his car into the hotel on Saturday morning.
Valet Chad Nishimura, who is from Mililani, said he spoke briefly with Paddock.
“Just in shock, really. It’s scary to know that I was close to someone that was that dangerous. I would’ve never thought. He seemed like a normal guy. When he came in, nothing too weird about him. He didn’t have any crazy bags with him that I can remember. We are a convention hotel so we have a bunch of people that have boxes and multiple carts worth of stuff. There’s nothing weird that I can remember,” Nishimura said.
Nishimura and hundreds of employees at Mandalay Bay are cooperating with FBI agents as investigations continue.  
A number of people from Hawaii were at Sunday night’s concert or nearby. Social media helped connect family and friends worried about their loved ones.
Tara Spangler, originally from Pa’ia Maui, was working close to the concert venue, at the Hooter’s Casino.
She posted on her Facebook page that she was safe but said shooting victims fleeing the concert, swarmed into the casino.
“You can just see towels of blood everywhere and people walking past and they have like blood spots on their shirts and even on their face. I remember asking a girl, ‘Hey are you OK?’ Because she was just covered in blood and she said, ‘Yeah, (she was shaking) and said this is not my blood,'” Spangler said.  
Spangler said they could hear bullets firing in the distance. Fearing for her own life, she hid inside a closet. END OF QUOTE

Nishimura cannot be reached, and it seems his social media accounts no longer exist.  One of the missing pieces in the Paddock story is how could he have taken all the weapons up to his room undetected?  That is why this story is so important.
Another story which has been snubbed was broken by investigative reporter, Laura Loomer.  She has done groundbreaking research on the Las Vegas massacre.  
gotnews.com/breaking-lauraloomer-pokes-another-hole-fbis-las-vegas-narrative/  QUOTE:
Loomer, who recently exposed several inconsistencies in the FBI and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s public communications regarding the deadliest shooting in American history, is now challenging another aspect of the official narrative. The former Project Veritas operative has obtained a copy of the last parking garage receipt for Mandalay Bay’s valet service on Paddock’s van:  END OF QUOTE

If you question the validity of this story, then prove it is false and the receipt is fake.
Now lets go into some of the videos taken by those on the Vegas Strip at the time of the attack of terror.
Gio Rios – Las Vegas Eyewitness Report of Multiple Shooters at the Tropicana and NyNy
Gio Rios and his girlfriend were in the front during the music festival. He reported similar testimony to Kymberley Suchomel.
churchmousec.wordpress.com/2017/10/19/mandalay-bay-massacre-what-witnesses-saw/ QUOTE:
Rios and his girlfriend mustered all their adrenaline to keep on the run for four hours, three of which were spent hiding in a dumpster covering themselves with cardboard. When they were running, they ran then ducked to the ground. He said it was exhausting. His girlfriend, naturally, found it hard to keep up but she did.
Rios emphasises that the bullets they experienced that night were coming from a horizontal, not an angled, direction. So, gunmen were shooting directly at people. This wasn’t coming from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay.
Furthermore, gunfire was all over the area, wherever they went in the immediate aftermath.
They went to the Tropicana, where they were told to go into the casino. Rios wisely did not want to be around crowds but wanted a quick escape route where they could not be seen and could move relatively easily. Just after a man with a suitcase — he thinks a gun case — told them to go into the casino at the Tropicana, gunfire broke out there (in the casino). Luckily, Rios’s wit kept him and his girlfriend from following orders.
They ran past by wounded people, sometimes dead bodies. Women were overcome, and one projectile vomited. There was more gunfire outside once they found a parking garage. A man tried to take Rios’s girlfriend by the arm, trying to lead her away. Rios wasn’t having that.  A short time later, they found the dumpster, where they hid for three hours, he thinks. They heard a helicopter circling round and round, long after Rios’s father sent him a text to say that the gunman had been shot dead.
When everything quietened down, they climbed out of the dumpster and tried to go to their hotel or to the home of Rios’s relative. They encountered a policeman. Rios asked if the officer could take them to the relative’s home. The officer told them they would have to go to the Tropicana.
There, they were told to go to another floor, walking along a windowed — all glass — hallway to a room where blankets and water were supplied. They stayed there for an hour or so. People from nearby hotels were there. The first allowed to go back to their rooms were those from the Tropicana. Others were released at lengthy intervals to return hotel by hotel.
Once the two were back at their hotel, Rios stayed up to watch what President Donald Trump would say. Rios was deeply disappointed Trump did not call this for what Rios says it was:
a terrorist attack.
I, too, am disappointed that this occurred on Trump’s watch, but Trump is also battling the Deep State every day. These black ops — Deep State — operations have been ongoing for decades, getting worse and worse.
Rios gave his testimony by telephone to the FBI. He is still waiting to be called in for an interview. END OF QUOTE
Here is another eye witness report:

The following video is a compilation of different eye witness reports and an in depth bullet analysis. I find it very compelling. I would like to see anyone debunk it.

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Published on Oct 6, 2017
Video evidence of multiple gunfire during Route 91 Harvest festival shooting. Recordings and eye witness accounts have placed a gunman at the scene. Combined machine gun fire can be heard in some of the footage confirming two firing positions at the festival. Reload times suggest their may have been another person inside the hotel room cooperating with the shooter in the hotel room. Gunfire from the 32nd floor kept sound echoing as well as blanket fire for the shooter on the ground to open fire. 581 Shots fired from the hotel room in this video. 49-66 Shots were fired near the festival.  
Please share this video for awareness.
My previously uploaded video was just a blinking light from what people are saying: youtu.be/3lW11fLtv8c
Please pray for Las Vegas.
As I conclude this report, I ask anyone, who feels they can debunk any of this to please do so in the following comment section.  However, I ask you to do so respectfully and with links and video to support what you are debunking.  I will not allow trolls to mock my report while not supplying links or video proof of what they are claiming.  “Respectful” is a word I demand to be understood and followed by anyone who comments on my reports.  Respectful debate is always necessary in solving problems and issues within a civil community. When a debate fails to be respectful it always morphs into an attack.  I will not tolerate attacks in the comment section of this report.


44 thoughts on “Further Investigation Into The Las Vegas Massacre – Too Many Roadblocks – What Are They Hiding?

  1. Absolutely, there were multiple shooters (or recordings thereof), but there is zero evidence of bullet holes at any of the other hotels, NOT ONE, ZERO! There are some holes in one of the doors of the picture of Stephen Paddock’s room but only one door not both. There are none in the pavement at the venue. The audio ballistic forensics prove there were multiple shooters are multiple distances. Every single data point of this investigation is a misdirection intended to deceive, to send researchers down rabbit holes, dead ends that cannot be proven or disproven with given evidence.
    The NWO who staged this event left their calling card on a now defunct Twitter account named “YOUFOLD2ME.” Get it? You should.

  2. this author tries to show the coverup then tells us how much he worships vegas cops. who the p huck does he think is helping the FBI cover this up?

    • I should have made myself clear. When the FBI took over the investigation they ran roughshod over the Las Vegas Police Department. If you have watched the press conferences, you should have been able to tell the strain that the Sheriff Lombardo has been under. I have felt extremely sorry for him, as he knows the truth.

      • I feel sorry for him for being a spineless twink….but hey; That’s comes with being a cop, for the most part.
        “Just Following Orders” is a pussy’s excuse for lying for your paycheck.
        I have 100 x’s the respect for hookers as for cops. Hookers are generally pretty honest and don’t mass-murder unarmed civilians for ‘failing to comply’ for having a brake light out.
        And let’s face it; Cops have shot and killed 5 or 7 times the amount of people, this year alone. Most unarmed.
        Who’s the terrorist?

        • Without a police force, the streets would be the “law of the jungle,” and I do mean jungle. There are bad cops, and paid off cops, and what I believe is co-opted police forces by the National Security Agency under the NDAA laws. However, all in all most are trying to just do there job.

          • idiot are you trying to equate cannibal negro savages to a mostly white country like the US do you think cops stop whites from being cannibals? do you really believe that

          • Occams, you can be so negative. Not all police officers are paid off or bad. One time when I need help the most they were right there at my door, and I could not have made it without them.

          • I’m sorry I don’t see life through rose-colored glasses, but the meme is 100% correct, and the ‘good cops’ NEVER speak out. They cover for the ‘few’ bad ones (ha ha).
            Sorry – most of the US police force is getting IDF-trained, probably one of the most brutal and murderous OCCUPYING forces currently on the planet.
            I’m glad you were saved by them. I stay as far away as humanely possible, and want absolutely nothing to do with them. I’m always reading fromthetrenchesworldreport , and most days is the covering of yet another unarmed citizen shot and killed by these revenue-focused terrorists – something rarely covered by any other sites such as this.
            When I was part of the SEAL/BUD training, cops began to hear what was going on. The cops knew what tapping out meant, but they enjoyed going further to inflict pain. 100% true. They were assholes (as evidenced by the videos shot; Cuffed and subdued, face down, being hit and kicked. Yea. Tough guys. I’m sooooooo impressed. Especially when the ‘good cops’ step in and stop the ‘few’ bad ones, right?).
            While demonstrating a very severe leverage, the students ALL understood the force being applied. The cops LOVED and pushed it. With one I said “ENOUGH!”, and KEPT pushing, so I reversed and swept him HARD.
            He, with his little pissant buddies, ran to the master to complain, but he’d seen it all out the corner of his eye.
            No cops were allowed to learn and train, ever again, in his studio.
            And while there were only 4 or 5, they ALL exhibited the same sadistic qualities. Scared little pricks who enjoy inflicting pain – because they can
            My last ‘experience’? I was at the front of a 1-lane becoming 2. As I started down the street, I heard a siren. Side view mirror check, here comes a cop, lights, sirens, headlights, ‘woo woo/braaaaaaappp’ going, pushing people off the road and actually crossing the line into oncoming traffic.
            I thought; “Bank robbery?”
            He roared up behind me, started yelling that over a mile back he’d “seen me with my seatbelt off!”
            Wow. Reckless Endangerment for a seatbelt ticket, but at $162 bucks, I guess people’s lives are worth risking.
            No. Reality. And more people are waking up to this fact.

      • still trying to lick the boots of the vegas cops who had to severely help the FBI cover it up. out of all those cops that aided in the coverup not one comes forward CAUSE THEY ARE ALL TRAITORS AND ACCESSORY TO MASS MURDER

  3. the m2 mashine gun fired from helocopter may be a giveaway,it also shoots a 30cal. 180 grain bullet that is a diferent waight than the ak or ar15 ,,just dig one of the bullets up

      • Apollo, I understand where you are coming from, and ordinarily I agree with you. However, i do believe there are bullet holes, and I do not believe this is a hoax. I will try to do further research on bullet holes. However, I believe some of the eye witness accounts, as I think they are indisputable.

        • Then look at it from another angle. Read mileswmathis.com/lasveg.pdf and watch and read other researchers work on the actual victims. How about the crisis actor who was interviewed and also appeared on the Dr. Phil show, a doppelganger?

      • Apollo, I am going to search to see if I can found proof of any bullet holes or broken glass….you do the same, and lets see what we can come up with.

          • Apollo, I just did an update ….it is the best I can do to prove this actually happened and is not a hoax. I also include an investigative video of Jesus.

          • Nice, in my mind the jury is still out between false flag and hoax. I lean to the hoax. I do know the people behind this act are evil without a doubt and Stephen Paddock most definitely did not act alone. I have studied the Deep State, (CFR/Trilateral Commission, et al) a great deal and have no doubt they are in control of most of these things. I believe they are trying to institute gun control in the US per UN:
            If this is a Machiavellian false flag or a hoax, I cannot say. An independent armed citizenry per the Constitution is completely anathema to their globalist plans and prevents them from treating the American people even more like chattel. The UN and the globalists would like to control America, and not allow the citizens to do so; thus, they can import millions of immigrants and refugees without limit just as they are doing in Europe. The only thing standing in their way is American democracy and the armed citizenry.
            By the way, may I say, you take quite a nice picture. Cheers.

          • Apollo, I agree with you there….the only thing we differ on is I think it is a false flag and an Illuminati sacrifice….people did die. But the whole goal is to wipe out the Second Amendment.

      • So are you saying that no one got shot? My friend at work had his cousin killed. People did die. Now, it’s entirely possible to have crisis actors mixed in to give conflicting eyewitness accounts. The presence of crisis actors does not negate the whole event. Sandy Hook and Orlando were indoor events. Much easier to control.

    • john, do you think that video is accurate? I chose the one which seemed to make the most sense to me, but I do not have the knowledge it takes to truly analyze this. I know there had to be more than one shooter. What is your opinion on the video?

  4. way to late now. all covered up nice.
    the parking lots at the US gov. are FULL to overflowing ,lots of shinney new cars and trucks in every one, where do they get all this money? How many THOUSANDS of busy little MONKEY FINGERS did it take to cover this up?
    perhaps the cover up was OUT SOURCED to allow the alphabet soup NAZI’s deniability.

  5. Nobody else from the Tropicana Casino can verify the shooting reports? Kinda fishy. Need a map of where all the killed and wounded were when shot. Shoulda been one of the 1st things they did in the investigation.

  6. It is an insult to the intelligence of the American people that the “official” rendering of this massacre names a “lone wolf” shooter as the culprit, when THOUSANDS of people were being shot at from all different angles! Multiple shooters the media asks? Sun comes up in the morning media asks? Birds fly media asks? Fish swim media asks? Geez Louise can it be any more obvious that there WERE multiple shooters and Steve Paddock was not one of them? Everyone else got to hide while they shot while poor old Steve(I call him the evidentiary distraction) was a sitting duck to be killed and established as the patsy! Just do a little research on previous famous patsies(Oswald, Ray, Sirhan, etc) and you will see a pattern where they were either offed or there was an attempt to off them that failed to wait a later date! Some “democracy” when Americans can’t even get simple straightforward answers from the authorities and are forced to become “conspiracy nuts”. In this case, they are conspiracy truth-tellers!

    • God bless you, brother and fellow truth seeker. I am trying very hard to document this, but it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

      • Sometimes the most important fact is WHO DIDN’T do it. A cover up IS part of the crime(planning, execution, cover up) because it is obstruction of justice. So anyone in a position to out the truth who doesn’t IS guilty of obstruction of justice.

  7. Aside from Vegas being Wall to Wall 24/7/365 CCTV Cameras. Don’t they also have at least ONE GUN SHOT LOCATOR in place? You know, the ones that can pinpoint gun shots in real time? If so, then EVERY SHOT FIRED can be traced back to the original firing position. Just another puzzling question that isn’t being asked. Why? MAGA!

    • I am sure they do, but we are being told nothing. Yesterday a judge ruled that the Mandalay had to stop destroying evidence….they should not have to tell them that….nothing makes sense.

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