Gambling Boom 2019 – Here´s how you can get involved

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Ever since man could bet on two spiders running up the side of a wall, we have been enjoying the thrill and excitement of waging a bet and the potential of making more money. However, your gambling involvement doesn’t have to stop at you logging into your favourite online casino and playing your favourite slots or table games. With the gambling industry in full swing and continuing to grow, there has never been a better time to explore other ways to get involved and enjoy this form of entertainment from a different angle. Here are some of the best ways that you can get involved in the industry.


Start Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to be a part of this growing industry. It works by you sending people to online casino websites and promoting their offerings, including new games, gambling news, promotions and more. So, how do you achieve this? Most people do so with their own website or blog. They write content based on the casinos and link to their websites. Every time a reader clicks your links or advertisements, the casino tracks the visitor from your site. If the visitor makes a purchase or signs up to the casino, the affiliate marketer receives payment. How the payment works can vary and may be one of the following:


  •   Revenue model – marketers receive a percentage of the casino’s net revenue from the players they attracted.
  •   CPA model – the CPA model, also known by its lengthier title the cost-per-action model, offers marketers the chance to receive fixed fees for actions that their customers execute. For example, if someone clicks through from a blog post to a casino and signs up, that will receive a fee. Similarly, if they place a bet, that will also receive a fee
  •   Revenue and CPA model – the third option is when the two above models are combined and mixed.


Even if you are not an expert in gambling, there are an array of resources out there for you to be able to craft excellent content that will engage readers and help with your affiliate marketing campaigns. In fact, reputable operators and those who serious about the business will have all the resources you can think of, plus some more. A great example of this level of co-operation can be seen at mFortune online casino, a progressive UK brand with their suite of exclusive games. One last thing to remember is to make sure you recognise that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme and requires hard work.


Invest in the Gambling Industry


The gambling industry, as already mentioned is booming. For investors in the industry, it is one of the safest types of investment. This can be suggested for a few reasons. For one, gambling is set up to always give the house an edge and over time the casino will make money through its business model. Thus, the gambling industry can be one of the safest industries to invest in over long periods, especially when gambling is getting better with new games, more technology and a greater demand.


Arguably, one of the best areas of the gambling industry to invest in is online casinos. These types of casinos are becoming more popular due to their accessibility and convenience. If any aspect of the gambling industry would not be a safe investment, online casinos are not it. Consider this as well as affiliate marketing if you want to make money from gambling without placing a bet.



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