GDP CRASH TO -35%?! Your Job Will NOT Come Back. Economy Permanently Down

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It’s unbelievable to see these statistics. They just keep piling up. One estimate is looking worse than the other. We know that the unemployment numbers were undercounted by 8 million people. We know that the statistics ultimately don’t show the full magnitude of the issues, and yet the majority is complacent. What do you think of this?

You cannot recover from certain events. Look at 2008. A large portion of the US did not recover. Those who did recover feel like everything is totally fine, and that’s great. But look at how many people not only never saw the benefits of easy money policies, but quite simply are worse today. You know the system is broken when the middle class is disappearing. That’s a terrible sign for everyone, particularly when the economic engine is the consumer.



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Hidden defaults set to soar as recession squeezes companies | Banking – Gulf News

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airbnb bookings_2.png (800×985)

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