GDPR Compliance: “Explain Like I’m Five” with Data Privacy Expert

Jodi Daniels, data privacy expert and former SVP of Enterprise Privacy Compliance at Bank of America, explains the fundamentals of GDPR and what IT must do to comply. Jodi is also the founder of Red Clover Advisors, a data privacy consultancy that assists companies with GDPR compliance, operationalizing privacy, digital governance, and online data strategy.

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According to Forrester, “Every organization—regardless of its location—doing business with EU customers will need to make changes to its oversight, technology, processes, and people to comply with the new rules.” To be compliant by May 2018, companies must start preparing today.

GDPR is bringing sweeping changes to data protection and privacy compliance, yet many companies aren’t sure how the law affects them or what compliance looks like.

In this webinar you will learn:

– Actionable steps to achieve compliance
– Which data types apply, and what minimum requirements must be reached
– Costs and consequences of non-compliance