General Milley: Military Intelligence Didn’t Predict Afghanistan’s Rapid Fall

by Chris Black


Maybe he’s telling the truth, but who cares? We all knew that American taxpayers’ money funded and armed a fake puppet government in Afghanistan, and a fake military that will eventually collapse if left alone to fight the Taliban. We squandered at least $100 billion on the Afghan military, which basically means we armed the Taliban. 

Afghani military commanders were paid by the US based on the number of soldiers they had under command. The commanders just faked the numbers to get more money. The Afghan army was a fraud.

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The Taliban take questions from the media while Biden hides in the White House. Asked about freedom of speech, one said ask Facebook and other giant tech companies censoring US citizens. The people in the west have more respect for the Taliban than they do for their respective tyrannical governments.

 Talk about turn of events.


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