George Gascon loses in court…

As a matter of both law and good policy, the California State Court of Appeals well served the public by ruling on Thursday that left-wing Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon actually must do his job.

Gascon, one of a bevy of district attorneys elected with financial support from radical financier George Soros or his affiliates, is turning Los Angeles into a crime-infested danger zone, with homicides at a 15-year high. This matches the experience of most Soros DAs and those who adopt similar policies, with murder rates or violent crime rates likewise rising in Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, and elsewhere.

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All these prosecutors openly boast that their goal is to cut incarceration numbers and sentence lengths in the name of mercy and “equity.” Never mind the lack of mercy for the victims of the increase in crime that naturally follows from letting hardened offenders walk free.


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