George Soro's related "charity" lost government funding due to 37 allegations of fraud, sex abuse and bribery â?? but public were never told

The actual outrage is that a “charity” got government funding to begin with.

The ex-Labour minister, who joined the charity in 2013, is named in a leaked report showing the government halted its contributions and recovered £5.4m of taxpayer money

A CHARITY fronted by David Miliband hushed up 37 sex abuse, fraud and bribery allegations.

Ministers were so concerned about millions in taxpayer cash sent to the International Rescue Committee they froze funding.
The IRC, whose president is the ex-Labour foreign secretary, sent a team to probe claims of wrongdoing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
A leaked report shows the Department for International Development cut off funding to the charity “based on direct reporting of sexual harassment and fraud”.
A DFID Spokesman said: “DFID became aware of serious allegations relating to this programme in August 2016.
“The Department acted swiftly to ensure the reported misconduct was fully and comprehensively addressed by the IRC and relevant
Mr Miliband, who joined IRC in New York after he quit politics in 2013, is mentioned by name in the report.
A total of £5.4million of taxpayer cash was eventually released but the public was never told what happened.
George Soros’s Son Donated $650,000 to Democratic Committees and Campaigns Last Year

The son of liberal billionaire financier George Soros donated $650,000 to Democratic campaigns and committees last year, according to Federal Election Commission records.
Alexander Soros, Soros’s son and managing partner of Soros Brothers Investments, has quietly stepped up as a major liberal donor but has remained relatively obscure due to his father garnering much of the media attention in the family.
Alex’s generous contributions spanned across a number of liberal party committees and campaigns, including two donations totaling $203,400 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) recount and building funds, while providing an additional $33,900 to the committee during the primary period.
Alex also gave large amounts to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). Like his contributions to the DCCC, Soros gave the DSCC $203,400 for its recount and headquarters account, with another $33,900 going towards the primaries.