George Webb Video – Sunday August 6 – Awan Brothers – Eric Braverman.

by Pamela Williams
Investigator George Webb just did a live streaming video, and I wanted to catch up with what he is doing.  I have been following George a long time, and I believe in him.  I know he has had some bad press, but I believe he is legitimate.
He talks about Imran Awan and Debbie Wasserman Schultz calling Lawyer Jared Beck trying to scare him into dropping the DNC lawsuit.
He talks about how the Awan Brothers have been treated like Royalty here by the Government and the DNC.  He says that Imran Awan had a stolen car company, house loan company, and he made so much money off the Government.
Eric Braverman has gotten immunity three times, so he is really pushing his luck.  So he must be talking to the FBI, but at one time he only had use immunity, just a one time immunity.  He did not have blanket immunity, so he could be arrested.
George believes Braverman may be in New York now.  So he also must be talking about the Clinton Foundation.  He just received a third immunity, so the FBI is still investigating the Clinton Foundation.  He may be getting deposed.  
George is concerned that Braverman has gotten immunity three times.  He may end up in custody. How many more “byes” does he get?  What George means is how many more immunities can he get without being arrested himself?
He says he did not make the story about the hard drives up, because he went and found them himself.  I do believe him.
He says McMaster was trained by General Patraeus.
He said a man who works for Gibson Builders was murdered, but the press is being quite.  He built homes for diplomats.  He also had a car dealership.  He simply was involved with the government building homes for diplomats.
He believes Trump will be impeached.  They are moving ahead fast while Congress is out of session.
He is very concerned that Braverman may end up in trouble, because of the Clinton Foundation.
He said that some very respectful people gave him that information.
He thinks Seymour Hersh was given false information on Seth Rich, and he should come forth and speak about his information being wrong. He said that he does not believe that Seth Rich asked for money.
I want to say that I agree that Seymour Hersh had bad information, too.  He needs to look into his source.
He mentioned that Imran Awan dealt with all of the Blackberries in Congress.
He is speaking about Bluewater Holdings.   I am not sure what he is speaking of.  It has something to do with how Imran Iwan got into this Country.  Before I end this report, I will research Bluewater Holdings. I cannot find anything on Bluewater Holdings.
He said if you bring in people from war torn countries to do your ratline, like they did Awan Brothers, they are like royalty.  They use them as spies, ratlines, and stealing cars.  They get out of jail and do what they want. They are treated like royalty here.
He said when Trump would go to Epstein parties, he would never stay.  He would be there with a supermodel and stay just long enough to get his picture made.  Then he would leave.  He said halfway between the Epstein parties, things would get bad.  He said that is when they would blackmail those who became involved with the young girls.  Basically Epstein was blackmailing those who came to his party and became involved with the underage.  But Trump never did that, and he was never compromised.
Tom Nidas worked the entertainment industry for the Clintons, and they would blackmail celebrities.  They would launder money in their names. They always used blackberries in their operations.  He now works for Morgan Stanley.
He spoke about certain things in the following article:
The rapidly unfolding Awan brothers saga just took another turn. A new report published Sunday night by Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak reveals Imran Awan was ‘frantically’ liquidating real estate holdings on the day of his arrest. 
Imran Awan, a congressional aide arrested by the FBI after wiring $300,000 to Pakistan and misrepresenting the purpose, had previously wired money to the Muslim country and was frantically liquidating multiple real estate properties on the day he was arrested, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned.
Imran’s real estate properties provide a source of money that could be sent directly to Pakistan when two upcoming home sales close. Prosecutors have since filed paperwork saying they fear “the dissipation of the proceeds of the fraud and destruction of evidence in other locations.”
Imran was arrested July 24 — four months after the FBI says his wife Hina Alvi moved to Pakistan after learning the family was the subject of a criminal investigation into their work as IT administrators for House Democrats. On the day of Imran’s arrest, the couple accepted a buyer for one house owned by Hina with an asking price of $618,000 (Hawkshead Dr.) and listed another property for sale at $200,000 (Pembrook Village), real estate records show.
On June 20, a third house his wife owned was “sold” to his brother-in-law for $360,000 (Sprayer St.). In November 2016, a fourth home his wife owned was “sold” to his brother Jamal for $620,000 (Linnett Hill Dr.). In both cases, the bank financed nearly all of the purchase.

George speaks of the danger he is in.  He speaks of the horrible things that are going on in this Country.  He speaks of how young people are taken and used in prostitution and organs used to supply rich older people.  It is really hard to believe what we are experiencing now in the United States, but I do think George Webb has tried so hard to reveal so much of the corruption.
He was the first person to even mention the Awan Brothers, and now look at what has been revealed…unbelievable but true.
The following video explains how Blue Water Capital is involved with the Awan Brothers.

The following article from the DAILY CALLER WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.
While the Awans had access to the emails of members of sensitive congressional committees, Abid incorporated a car dealership in Falls Church, Va., with Nasir Khattek, who operated an established car dealership next door.
Khattek later said in sworn testimony that the Abid dealership’s financial books were a sham. Abid’s dealership received $100,000 from Ali Al-Attar, an Iraqi politician who practiced medicine in the Washington, D.C. region and is a fugitive from the U.S. Department of Justice.
The dealership racked up debts to people who subsequently accused Abid of fraud, according to court documents. Abid filed bankruptcy to discharge the debts, while his family members remained untouched. Khattek testified the dealership was run as a “family business,” with Imran, not Abid, in control.
As some of Capitol Hill’s highest-paid employees, the brothers had to submit financial disclosure statements to Congress, but Abid attested that he had no liabilities. Imran checked “no” when asked whether his spouse had any income, even though she was making a top salary from the same employer reviewing the disclosure documents.
The disclosures also ask about rental income, but the Awans often listed either no or little rent payments received.
Though people in bankruptcy procedures must sell off their assets to pay creditors, Abid kept two houses by swearing he was separated or divorcing from his wife and living apart. Years later, they are still together.
In January, as their father lay dying, the brothers tried to commandeer assets stored in his name, according to their stepmother, Samina Gilani. They installed listening devices in her house, plugged in a device behind her computer, and forbade her from leaving the house, she said in court documents and interviews. The brothers’ aim was to obtain a power of attorney giving them control of their father’s assets in Pakistan, their stepmother told TheDCNF.
We must ask ourselves, but we must also find out how these animals got inside our government.  I thank George Webb for calling our attention to the inhumane beings, and I am not just talking about them.  We are looking at a government so corrupt, we have no choice but to do everything we can to get to the bottom of this evil.

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