Georgia Teen's Death Cover-Up – Horror Endured By Parents – Organs Missing From Body!

I’ve been posting about this story since it happened over two years ago. What continues to be left out are the facts that the camera footage was spliced. The blood type of Kendrick Johnson the 15 year old who was missing all the organs out of his body after second autopsy. Rich people boast and one family did when their son got his second heart by the same doctor the same week Kendrick died. The amount of people involved in this murder is beyond conspiracy. Taking all his organs is flat out satanic greed! His parents continue to fight the battle, and no one is listening!
Not Black Lives Matter (Soros funded)
Not Jesse Jackson, that showed up for the other Black murders promoted by mainstream news.
Not Al Sharpton, who showed up for the other Black murders promoted by mainstream media.
Not the Black president Barrack Obama himself uttered a word. Actions and words speak volumes
This story will never die until justice has been served and those who would murder to keep their own alive will do it again. Keep this story going. I have done numerous blogs about it and this one is just for you.
“Security Cameras Catch Death of Boy 15, in School Gym During Class Time”
How could a child die in the middle of the afternoon in a public school with security cameras watching his every move? Why isn’t a nation up in arms and alarmed that a child could die in a gym mat, (so it was said) and no one question why all his organs were missing after a second autopsy?
Kendrick Johnson is dead and his organs gone! Will your child be next?
Trillions of dollars spent to keep America safe is failing at a rapid rate starting with the public schools system that is proving with the death of Kendrick Johnson that corruption is deeper than the average American could possibly believe.
Family releases grisly photo of dead teen whom school said died from falling into a gym mat – MURDER???

Autopsy Photo on Kendrick Johnson Released In ‘Gym Mat Death’ Case and Results Shocking! Blood type of Kendrick Johnson a key factor in his death and the removal of all his organs.
See footage of Kendrick Johnson entering gym by “CNN” who has not uttered a word about the death in a public school in Georgia. Why isn’t CNN continuing to cover the story?

CNN did let an investigator dig and he must have gotten to close to the source and inner ring of people that have kept quiet on what they know about the death of Kendrick Johnson. Missing video in teen gym-mat death?

Who ordered the blackout on the death of Kendrick Johnson and where is the missing footage?
Why haven’t school, police, state, and local officials found the missing tapes?
What can money do?
Silence a lot of mouths, and in the case of Kendrick Johnson, his parents sued twenty-nine people that once again have skated by thanks to judicial corruption that dismissed the case on a B.S. technicality. Kendrick Johnson Parents MESSAGE To The World About Their Sons Death In Valdosta, GA.

What has happened since the death of Kendrick Johnson?
The wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of a Georgia teenager Kendrick Johnson, who was found dead inside a rolled up gym mat at school has been dismissed by a federal judge. U.S. District Court Judge W. Louis Sands filed an order Tuesday saying the parents of 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson did not file for extensions and submit paperwork in time.
Sheriff’s investigators concluded Johnson died in a freak accident (B.S.!) while reaching for a shoe inside the mat, but his parents say their son was murdered. Save the children from the satanic parents who will kill to keep their own family member alive! Kendrick Johnson’s organs were removed and evidence continues to point towards homicide and not freak accident!
How many children in America are being murdered for their organs? If no one cares about a freak death to a fifteen year old, missing organs, and a judge dismissing the case to keep the truth from being told, should wake up.
Johnson’s parents, Jacquelyn and Kenneth Johnson, filed a $100million lawsuit listing 39 defendants, but the judge filed an order Tuesday saying they were negligent filing their paperwork. Sands also said the plaintiffs’ attorney was ignorant of a significant legal change (To Dismiss Case?) tightening deadlines for certain paperwork.…death.html
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6 thoughts on “Georgia Teen's Death Cover-Up – Horror Endured By Parents – Organs Missing From Body!”

  1. A sweet looking boy, damn shame justice can’t be served.
    Reporter: “Mr. Gandhi, what do you think of Western Civilization?”
    Mr. Gandhi: “I think it would be a good idea!”

  2. I must be livin under a rock. This is the first I heard about ALL his organs were missing after the second autopsy. How long after death would the heart still be good? It sounds like none of his organs except maybe corneas would have been good. Would they actually kill him, remove the organs then stuff him in a gym mat? Wouldn’t it have been easier to just dispose of the body covertly? I remember a few years ago there was a major campaign to git more black organ donors since they said Blacks usually needed other black organs for rejection purposes. Does any one know if this is true?
    If the Elites would pay Kosovo Muslims to kill Christian Serb’s for their organs to sell to rich Europeans, you think our children are exempt form this? Satan respects NO ONE!

  3. Removing organs is a standard part of autopsies. Organs can’t be transplanted from people who were dead for hours anyway. Those organs would be completely useless.


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