Gerald Celente: “This economy [U.S.] is going way down, and prices are going way up,”

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U.S. Consumer Sentiment Slips Near Decade Lows As Confidence in Biden ‘Significantly’ Declines

The University of Michigan’s gauge of consumer sentiment fell to a preliminary October reading of 71.4 from a final September reading of 72.8. Economists…

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Inflation Sets Off Alarms Around the World: WSJ

The big question for the global economy: Will price rises feed further inflation cycles? More than a dozen central banks have raised interest rates but two that haven’t are those that loom largest over the global economy: the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank.

Shoppers Share Photos of Bare Aisles in Stores Across Country

Social media users have begun posting pictures of empty shelves, blaming the problem on Joe Biden’s mismanagement as shortages begin to be felt.

Rising Rents Are Fueling Inflation, Posing Trouble for the Fed: NYT

Economic policymakers have said inflation will prove temporary, but rising rents may challenge that view and pressure Washington to react.

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