German Government Tells Sanctioned Subjects to Wear Sweaters If They Can’t Afford Heat

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by Chris Black

After Russia made it clear that they will only sell gas for rubles, the German government went full retard.


Baden-Württemberg Minister of Agriculture and Consumer Protection Peter Hauk has backed a complete German ban on importing gas and oil from Russia in response to Moscow’s military assault on Ukraine.

Hauk supported the response to Russia’s actions despite the impact it could have on his country’s own citizens, who are already struggling with soaring energy prices that make it challenging for them to heat their homes.

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“You can withstand 15 degrees [Celsius] in winter in a sweater. No one dies of it. But people are dying elsewhere,” Hauk said, referencing the toll Russia has inflicted on Ukraine.

What happened to global warming? Global warming would definitely solve the issue.

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