German town becomes first to ban migrants

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Someone finally doing something to protect their own citizens.
From Daily MailGerman leisure centre has become the first in the country to ban all migrants after a schoolgirl was sexually assaulted in a public swimming pool by Syrian teenagers.
Three Syrian boys were arrested earlier this month over the attack at a leisure centre in Munich as the country grapples with growing concerns about sex crimes perpetrated by asylum seekers.
In response to growing concerns, a leisure centre in Bornheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, has now barred all migrants.
The ban also follows an attack by an 18-year-old refugee on a 54-year-old woman in Bornheim, where he had grabbed her by the private parts and tried to kiss her. The victim was only rescued from a further attack by a couple who heard her screams and ran to help. The teenager was arrested a short while later.
Bornheim social affairs councillor and deputy mayor Markus Schnapka said the move followed an emergency meeting of locals where the swimming pool ban was announced. He said: ‘At the public meeting, I made it quite clear that it was an extremely difficult decision and it’s clear that many innocent refugees are also affected by this.’
He added that so far none of the local incidents had resulted in criminal complaints, but it was clear that action needed to be taken to prevent the situation escalating.  He said: ‘We are mainly talking about verbal attacks.’
Bornheim currently has 300 refugees living in accommodation who have been told that the ban will be lifted when the message has been received that women need to be respected.
In the Munich attack, the three boys are alleged to have surrounded the 17-year-old girl in the pool before one of them groped her underneath her swimming costume in an offence deemed rape under local law.
When the girl’s sister, 14, tried to make them stop, she too was groped by the trio of teenagers, who were all aged under 15.  The girls managed to flee and raise the alarm with the lifeguard at the swimming pool, who called police.
Because the asylum seekers were only 15, they were not remanded in custody and will be prosecuted under juvenile law.
The main offender’s two friends were arrested for assault for taking part in the attack.
It comes after more than three hundred women reported being sexually assaulted by groups of mostly Arab or North African men in Cologne during New Year celebrations.
Hundreds of criminal complaints have been filed by police, with about 45 per cent involving allegations of sexual offences, and most of the suspects identified so far are foreign nationals.
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4 thoughts on “German town becomes first to ban migrants

  1. “Many innocent refugees are also effected by this.”
    In fact, there are NO innocent refugees. They stand by doing NOTHING. They stand by and allow the attacks to happen.
    Because in their vile islamic religion, the attacks against Non-islamics are valid.
    In their koran, any non-islamic woman or girl is a legitimate target.
    THe refugees have NO intention of changing their behavior or integrating into the culture of their host country. Instead, they intend to PARASITE of us, non-islamics. THey consider us inferior to themselves, and have even declared that, they intend to take over.
    So, the sooner we, non-islamics, wake up to this, the better!

    • This is nonsense, there are innocent refugees who simply happen not to be around when this happens.
      A real, good person refugee is more likely to be at home sleeping or something while the bad guys are out there committing crimes.
      Real Islam doesn’t allow this sort of behavior either — only a few crazy interpretations of it, primarily the ones created by the CIA back in the 1980s when they tried to “teach” the Mujahedeen that any action against Russians was acceptable, do.
      End the CIA meddling in the Middle East and those problems will maybe not go away, but certainly reduce by a huge percentage.

  2. This is fake news.
    It goes back to this real event:
    They’ve been banned from the swimming pool, not the town.
    And this is old news, actually happened in January 2016.
    The “revival” of this event goes back to
    which is still somewhat factual, in saying it’s the “leisure center” (and the headline was updated accordingly) that bans migrants, even though the URL still has the fake news headline.

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