Germans Protest For The Right To Have Sex With Their Pets

“According to German animal protection law, it is forbidden to have any sexual relationship between humans and animals. However, some people have gathered during a march to allow sex with animals.

In what internet people thought was the most shocking news of all time, some of the protesters have urged the German government and authorities to decriminalize sex with animals during the Zoophilia Pride March showing that they are proud too.

In an interview with one of the protesters shared by RUPTLY, the man defended the idea of the possibility to build a relationship with animals saying sex with animals should be allowed supporting his words by saying ‘it is much easier to build a relationship with animals than humans’.

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The protester also brought his dog to confirm his ideology saying that once he had a ‘sexual’ relationship with an animal it was a ‘male’ dog saying that he currently lives with a German Shepherd dog.”


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