Germany is Not a Country Anymore

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by Chris Black

After 70 years of hard core anti German propaganda, Germany has become nothing more than an industrial park.

I mean, the US just destroyed their economy by bombing Nordstream 1 and 2, and they just sit there and take it.

Yes, I understand that they are a broken people after having been blamed for the holocaust and all that, and they are under US military occupation, just like Japan, but their total lack of reaction with the pipe bombings is beyond comprehension.

The media and government can say whatever they want. Okay.

But everyone knows the US bombed those gas pipes.

Everyone knows that, other than American fat-brains and stupid women.

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Saying that Putin bombed his own pipes is like the tranny thing, i.e.  you pledge allegiance to the ZOG regime by saying something you know for a fact is false.

Russia will do just fine without their pipes, but Germany is completely doomed.

Germany put their entire industry, their entire economy, on the promise of cheap Russian gas, and now it’s gone forever.

Those pipes can’t be fixed.

This is going to totally wreck Germany for decades, and these people are just sitting there smiling with fear in their eyes, like abused puppies.

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