Germany’s Biggest Union Pushes for 7% to 8% Raise in Wage Talks

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by Boo_Randy

You would think that Germans, of all people, would understand what happens when money dies, but they go on voting for globalist stooges like Frau Merkel. Pushing for 7-8% raises is pointless when real inflation means you’re taking a substantial pay cut. As long as the Keynesian fraudsters at the ECB control your money issuance, Franz and Helga, your wages will always be outstripped by inflation.

Germany’s biggest labor union is seeking a wage increase of 7% to 8% to help 3.8 million metals and electronics workers cope with rampant inflation.

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The recommendation Monday by IG Metall’s management board is the highest in about 13 years, reflecting a squeeze on consumers triggered by the war in Ukraine and continued supply disruptions. The corridor encompasses the Bundesbank’s 2022 prediction for average price growth in Europe’s largest economy.

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