Germany’s Expensive Rush Into Wind And Solar Has FAILED

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Date: 29/09/18 Daniel Wetzel, Die Welt
Germany’s Federal Audit Office has accused the government of a catastrophic mis-management of the green energy transition (Energiewende). The wastage of resources is “unprecedented”.

A little more than a year before Germany’s climate-policy “milestone 2020”, the auditing body has concluded a catastrophic assessment of the government’s energy policy. Germany would miss its targets for both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and primary energy consumption as well as for increasing energy productivity and the share of renewable energy in transport. At the same time, policy makers had burdened the nation with enormous costs.

Here is a chart showing Germany and Denmark, the two countries that spent nearly a trillion Euros on wind and Solar, have the highest electricity rates in Europe:


As is always the case the climate alarmist renewable energy advocacy main stream media in both the U.S. and Europe will do everything possible to conceal this disastrous policy debacle from public view.…ice-warns/…c-failure/

EU Abandons New 2030 Climate Target

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EU Commissioner Miguel Arias CaneteEU Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete has given up on plans to officially raise the European Union’s 2030 climate target.

Contrary to what has been announced, Cañete has not submitted the proposal to the EU member states, the German Press Agency in Brussels has learned.

The idea was met with opposition by, among others, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German industry. Other EU countries also rejected it. —Deutsche Press Agentur, 28 September 2018

The failure to meet European Union climate targets will cost Germany billions. According to a report, the German deficit means the government will have to buy CO2 certificates from Eastern Europe for two billion euros. —Focus, 21 September 2018

There are nearly 30.000 wind turbines in Germany. However, the latest figures prove that the available wind power capacity is negligible. —Klaus Stratmann, Handelsblatt, 27 September 2018

The wholesale price of less-polluting natural gas is soaring a result. Coal burning for power generation by utilities is therefore likely to continue. —Financial Times, 28 September 2018…te-target/

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German Energy Expert Shreds Wind Power: “Everyone’s Loses With Wind Energy”!

Ahlborn says that 80% of German wind parks are making losses. In the German state of Hesse, for example, “not a single newly installed wind park has yielded what was promised. These yields are up to 20% below what was forecast. And the biggest losers are all of us. All of us!”

The problem, Ahlborn elaborates, is that 25% of the wind energy that gets produced is “waste energy”, energy that cannot be used because there is no demand for it. This waste energy ends up getting dumped onto other foreign markets, so much so that neighboring countries have implemented measures to block it out. Ahlborn then says:

The real scandal is that this power gets sold at negative prices, or below market prices and needs to be disposed of at a fee.”…nd-energy/

Germany: 120 Billion Euros For 5% Electricity Supply! And “Huge New Green Movement” Against Wind Power!…ind-power/

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