Get Paid To Buy A House?! THIS Has Pushed Real Estate Prices Way Up in Europe!

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In your opinion, how can it possibly be considered that this is a good economy when the bank literally gives you money to buy a home?!

When credit flows easily, people will take it. Payday loans. Cash Money. Cash Advance. These are successful business models because people can find a way to buy more stuff. When it comes to “free” money, you never have to worry about what you do with it because you didn’t earn it in the first place. Just spend it and hope more comes in. Does anyone else see anything wrong with that?
U.S. mortgage rates fall slightly, says Freddie Mac – Dayton Business Journal
Dutch housing market: looking back on 2016 and to the future | Housing | Expatica the Netherlands
Investors Pay Danes to Finance Mortgages in Negative-Rate Record – Bloomberg
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Best Mortgage Interest Rates – Find Today’s Lowest Variable & Fixed Rates
Rush to grab the best fixed-rate deals | Money | The Times & The Sunday Times
Chinese Cities Buy Off Housing Glut With Borrowed Money | Fox Business
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