Get ready for lockdowns….

Lockdowns are going to come swift and hard. Your stipends for food will soon be served. There will be no jobs unless they are absolutely necessary. Get used to getting all your barking orders from the media and hide your weapons…

We just woke up in the new ghetto with no way to evict the poor pay… landowners are screwed.

Military service is about to become a must for every citizen between the ages of 18 – 22. And if you fail without a honorable before your tour is up just try and get a good job.

Forced vaccinations… constitutional conventions… cash will become worthless. This will all happen in the next two years.

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America is bankrupt, dems are in charge and hold all three houses, welcome to the USSA.

The ghetto just became real…

Get ready for your next 2000 dollar crack feed… and your free boxes of sugar filled cereal.



h/t They’refixingtheroad


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