Get the vaccine or get tested every week is straight up bullying until you get the vaccine.

by DementiaBiden

I already made a post about how a buddy of mines School is forcing him to get tested every week. And if he misses those test you eventually have to pay $250. He caved into the bullying and got the shot. He also showed me the School policy and it was bolded to show how serious they were. And I get it. $250 is a big chunk out of your or your parents pay check.

Let’s be real here. Get the Vaccine or get tested every week is straight up bullying. The easiest path is taking the Vaccine. However is it worth it?

We don’t know the Long Term Side Effects. We do know that the Politicians in charge have no problem changing the rules on a f*cking dime. They also told us to get the Vaccine and you don’t have to wear a mask. THEY LIED. My Boss got the Vaccine. And for about two weeks he didn’t have to wear a mask. Then boom on a f*cking dime you have to wear a Mask again. I’ll admit it was tempting to get the Vaccine because I hate the f*cking masks with a passion. Because I’m not Sick and don’t get Sick. It’s hard for me to breathe in that trash. But deep down I knew they wouldn’t allow us to have Freedom to Show our faces. And I’m glad I listened to my political gut instincts and didn’t give in to the easiest path.

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We need to start standing up against this shit. When they said you have to wear a mask again it confirmed my theories. So when they say get tested every week I say F*ck Off. No means No. I’m not Sick. And I don’t feel sick. You get tested when you feel Sick. That’s always been the rule. I refuse to give into this Mass Hysteria. The Long Term Side Effects are unknown. It’s not worth it to take this shit that was made in Less then a year when it takes 5 to 10 years to gather all the data.

2 weeks to slow the spread has turned into get the Vaccine or you no longer have a Job and can’t participate in Society. F*ck these Dictators.

How long do we have to get tested? Notice how they never give a end date? We know of thousands of Viruses and Diseases out in the World far more deadly then Chinese Fauci 19 Virus. We don’t test every week for everything else. Just COVID-19. It’s purposefully designed like that to make you cave. The Jab may be free but the Hospital bills from any Side Effects won’t be. O and you can’t sue Pfizer for damages. How convenient for them. The whole nation is forced into taking their product mandated by Spokesmen Dementia Biden. We need to spam the Court System people.




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