GET WOKE, GO BROKE: POLL: Over 40% of Harvard profs say that school’s standing is worsening.

Harvard University’s student newspaper discovered that over 40 percent of faculty members believe that the school’s standing is worsening.

The Crimson asked professors “how they believe the University’s standing within higher education has changed over the past decade.” Professors were largely pessimistic about the school’s status: 41 percent say it has fallen, 53 percent say it is unchanged, and a mere 6 percent say it has risen.

Over 70 percent of professors — 34 percent of whom “strongly” agreed — believe that grade inflation is a “prevalent” issue.


OUR POLITICAL CLASS IN A NUTSHELL: Carjacking victims told to pay DC tickets racked up by the criminals who took their car. “They said for six months the communication had been a series of one-way interactions where they presented the facts and the District’s only response was to tell them to pay all of the tickets and then it would decide whether the payment was justified.”

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F** you, pay me.

GOODER AND HARDER: Security cut at half the major parking garages in SF amid uptick in car break-ins. “According to data compiled by the San Francisco Police Department as of March, burglary crimes have increased 51-percent from last year. Auto thefts have increased 18-percent.”

51% is an “uptick.”

Bay Area burglars really do get the royal treatment.


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