GET WOKE, GO BROKE: Viewership for Miss America 2019 plunges 23% after swimsuit portion is cut. Unexpectedly.

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via nydailynews:

No swimsuits? No viewers.

Sunday’s Miss America 2019 competition — the first time participants did not don a swimsuit — reached 4.3 million viewers on ABC, a 23% plunge in viewership from last year’s broadcast, according to Nielsen overnights.

Past participants also ripped what they are now dubbing as “Miss America 2.0” for being “too rehearsed” and lacking a certain degree of authenticity.

Former Miss Oklahoma participant Victoria Jameson-Krath said in a Facebook post Monday that “my heart is hurting for an organization that made me who I am today.”

“As an eating disorder survivor, pageants are the way I learned to fuel my body for fitness and health rather than starve myself,” she wrote.

“That’s a common misconception about pageant competitors but people don’t realize the hard work at the gym and how seeing those results empowers us as women to control our health!” Krath added.


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