Getting professional about Resistance

by John Ward

The 1 in 8 pushback needs an identity. Action this Day.

For those of you who go there, it was probably noticeable on Twitter yesterday afternoon that I’d finally lost my rag – which in many ways I suspect was a good thing. A great deal of it stemmed from the last three days, which have been one long trail of problems for me at a personal level; but actually it was impeccably timed – because when Sajid Javid started to wobble at the first sign of health bureaucrat truculence – & the Commons approved the Protest Bill – it was obvious that July 19th will be spun – and diluted beyond recognition.

It had become clear that those running this mind-boggling global psy-op no longer care who knows what they’re up to. So my message was, OK, I might hate these swine and yet be a pacifist, but this is now a war…and even priests help with comfort and support in wars. (I am not, thank God, a priest).

The 12% out there – the 1 in 8 who prefer to think for themselves – are under heinous pressure from bullying friends, hypocritical media and State mandators who would demonise them at best and pin them to the floor at worst. The laughable “rationale” for this is that they are selfish, and a threat to the vulnerable. But if the vaccines are safe and effective at protecting the weak, how could that possibly be so?

You must hang on to that conclusion, for it is the torpedo that sinks the lie.

I think there are two things thinking refuseniks need:

1. A support organisation that recognises the pain they suffer. Without their frankly horrific familial and workplace traumas to inspect, I would never have fully ‘got it’…so I owe all those who have contacted me something probably unrepayable for being so frank about it.

And under the same roof,
2. they need the organised comradeship of reasonable people (driven against their will by social dissidence and consequent “risky” actions) in a Unit that is 100% free-speech democracy people sporting white hats.

What’s more, for reasons not often grasped, national and geopolitics are a sewer that cannot be sanitised in a generation, let alone a 21st century dystopian emergency involving half a decade.

By contrast, lower turnouts and 20th century devolution in the UK (plus historical States’ Rights in the US) create very fertile soil for those who want to block the reset roadmap of the globalistas. [I also know from French préfecture experience – and De Gaulle’s memoirs – that, in the right circumstances, France too could be persuaded to go that way. And if it caught on, then – lest we forget – the DBR is a BundesRepublik where Alternativ fur Deutschland has done very well using this model]
No doubt you recognise my mutual localist philosophy in all this. But that’s subsidiary to the more immediate need to drive the Goths back: to be honest, it’s a case of the best alternative being the only alternative

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As regards branding for this orgnisation or movement, I want now to open it up to all genuinely interested parties. Some ideas have already been volunteered.

One is ATLAS – Anti Transhuman Local Activist Sincerity. I like this – says global and local and strong against cod science.

Another is ALERT – Allied Local Elements Reversing Transhumanism.

A personal favourite is CHANGE – Compassionate Humans Against Nightmare Genetic Engineering.

The key really is to position it as a focused pushback in favour of

Feel free to send in ideas that are relevant, distinctive and sound determined….and equally, if there are any friendly art directors out there with logo ideas, do get in touch – but make it quick: I want to close the door on this by early pm tomorrow. Time is of the essence.

There is clearly very little will in the Anglofone cultural infrastructure to preserve individual citizen freedom. Here in France, the government is preparing to make care-worker “vaccination” mandatory.

The anarchically contradictory multicoloured alliance grows in confidence every day. In the US, health “outreach” gangs are now going house by house nationally to hardsell an injected formulation riddled with risk to a demographic that obviously doesn’t need it. Boris Johnson is lying his fat head off to a Commons committee about how much he “deeply regrets” Covid-afflicted grieving families, but has nothing to say about killing the most vulnerable along with that old and dearly respected lady, Magna Carta.

However, here’s something darkly humorous to end on: Ministers are planning to ban boiling lobsters alive as they look to extend new animal sentience laws to include crustaceans. All driven by Carrie Onplotting Johnson.

Any chance she might extend it to humans?




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