Getting Rid of the U.S. Dollar, Nations Going Back to Printing Their Own Currency

by Thinker

All one has to do is look at the very first video on this thread, that goes back to 2016 and Jsnip4 giving the heads up to Italy’s banking problems. Here is the update and the reason that you should look for prices to go up in the precious metals department.

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Realist News – Italy in trouble again. New currency coming?

REALIST NEWS – Turkey Repatriates All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch USD

Getting Away from Dollars for Wars & Death, the World is Turning Away from the United States who have lived decades making wars and selling weapons with U.S. Dollars. The change is in the air, so will the U.S. start dropping bombs on more nations like Libya who wanted to rid its people of the dollar? China & Russia have led the way and it looks like the snowball is rolling.

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Why Russia and China are Dumping the US Dollar? Other countries will follow.


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