Getting Testosterone Injections – Legally

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There are multiple reasons why you should opt for testosterone injections. Not only do they act an incredible method of lowering and eradicating some of the symptoms related to old age, they have been known to help with a lot of other medical conditions. However, trying to buy testosterone legally can be a challenge in its own right.

Among the reasons why people choose testosterone injections is that it is extremely helpful in combating fatigue that comes naturally as a symptom of old age. Other than that it is also useful for those looking to increase their muscle mass. It has been prescribed to those who suffer from sexual impotency or erectile dysfunction while it is also been used by athletes to improve their athletic performance.

But without a proper reason, it can be a bit of a challenge to procure these injections. So, here are the options that you have if you want to buy testosterone injections.

The Doctor

It may sound either too easy or too dumb but the best source to get testosterone legally is your doctor. As mentioned earlier, testosterone has been in the past to help people with different kind of problems related to their health, lifestyle as well as other old-age related problems. These are conditions that can be easily helped through the use of testosterone. Men’s testosterone levels decrease naturally as they age, so they will require some form of testosterone to maintain their physical performance.

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Once you go to the doctor, they’ll perform some tests to check whether you really have a deficiency of testosterone. Once these tests indicate that you really have medical problems that require testosterone help, you’ll get the testosterone prescription. However, the testosterone is only legally available in the form of pills and creams. While injections are more effective, they’re also easier to abuse. You’ll find that these pills and creams will alleviate some of your symptoms but not as effectively as the injections would.


While Testosterone injections are banned in the US, as well as a number of other countries, they’re still perfectly legal in some. There is an option where you can sit at your home and order these injections from a foreign country even without prescription. However, chances are that your order won’t receive a custom clearance when it arrives in your country. What most people do to get their hands on testosterone injections is that they travel to countries like Mexico, Thailand and Bangladesh to get access to these injections.

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Not only are these injections easier to procure in these countries, they’re also available in any quantity that you need. You cannot bring these testosterone injections into your country, so you’ll probably have to stay in one of these countries for the duration of your testosterone cycle. While it may be feasible for some, those who can’t afford it will have to think of a way to survive in these countries.

The alternatives

As mentioned earlier, pills and creams are excellent alternatives. They aren’t as effective as the injections but they’re not totally useless either. If you cannot travel abroad or stay there for your testosterone cycle then you should consider these alternatives.

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