Giuliani fires back at Hillary Clinton’s remarks on Mueller probe

He recommends the WH fight every subpoena, making the House go to court every time to try to justify it. They have no valid justification. It’s all partisan.


Giuliani Lashes Out At Clintons: You Are “America’s Number One Crime Family”

As Democrats continue to back away from trying to impeach President Trump for obstruction of the Mueller probe which cleared him of the underlying charge of conspiring with Russia in the 2016 election, Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is on the war path – and is now targeting Hillary Clinton.

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Following Tuesday remarks by Clinton that Donald Trump would have been indicted if he weren’t president, Giuliani hit back in a Wednesday tweet – writing: “I encourage Hillary to get very involved in the 2020 election. She blew the last one for the Dems,” adding “She is working on a book called “How To Obstruct And Go Free.” And the sequel will be “How My Husband Escaped” a perjury conviction.From America’s number one crime family.

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