Giuliani: I’ve never seen a case with as much evidence as the one against Clinton

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Rudy Giuliani on Clinton’s email controversy from CNBC.

If Rudolph Giuliani were prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her emails, she would already be indicted, the former federal prosecutor told CNBC on Friday.

“The two main elements to prove intent is destroying evidence — well, she destroyed 33,000 emails — and what we call false exculpatory statements. You’ve got at least 12 lies,” the former New York mayor said on “Squawk Box.” “How about ‘I had only 1 cellphone?’ She had 13 cellphones, and they’ve all disappeared. How could 13 cellphones disappear unless you destroyed them?”

Clinton has said she did delete the emails on the belief they were not related to her work as secretary of state.

According to The Hill, the FBI investigation uncovered 13 total mobile devices associated with Clinton’s two known phone numbers that she may have used to send emails.

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They are all protecting something much larger than Clinton corruption, and it allows the swamp to get away with stuff like pedogate, endless wars, and suppression of new tech. Will we ever get to find out?


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